Triptych is a Lovecraftian horror adventure written and developed by Dark Craft Studios. It deals with two brother's journey into the occult, Necromancy, and cosmic horror.

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A look at the expansive future of Triptych, coming soon.

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Dark Craft Studios is happy to announce that Triptych will be releasing a full scale release within the near future rather than an episodic drip-feed approach similar to Tell Tale releases. We thought initially that the Chapter-by-Chapter sequence would fascinate players, build interest, and generate more positive reviews and reflections on our work and your experiences, but it came to our attention recently this was not the case. Patience is a virtue, and it didn't feel right for us to pull out that same trick we used in the Worry of Newport's initial formula of release (Part 1, then Part 2, then merging them with patches) twice.

To be honest given how limited our player bases are and how passionate our fans and supporters have proven themselves to be, mass exposure is the last thing on our to-do agenda and we felt that the episodic formula was designed only to do that. So to give our fans a love letter we decided to reverse this intention, and instead to release the entire Triptych experience at once as soon as we possibly can, with a last-of-the-last resort release date being "Holiday 2012". But since Chapter 1 and 2 are both "done" and 3 is extremely small and almost finished it could be any time within the next two months.

We realized we've been huge idiots about the marketing and media campaign behind this mod though it is not entirely our faults; Newport only recently last year put us into the spotlight, and we haven't learned the ropes of media exposure yet. As such we promise to release a full fledged trailer for Triptych spanning all three chapter's game plays/set pieces as soon as it can be rendered (A few weeks time max) which will have game play, narration, music and more as well as articles on the game play uploaded here to the Features section, and hopefully forum exposure and interviews.

To be completely honest with those viewing this, however, there is a reason why we've been supremely tight lipped on the characters, the game, the atmospheres, and only showing level design set pieces; it's because we don't want to spoil what is in store. We don't want to build false expectations either, but we'll find a way to strike the perfect balance of exposure vs retaining surprises and get back to you all with information that you're no doubt starved to hear.

Chapter 1 Remake Teaser Doom of Sarcon #2 Shot Chapter 2 Excavation Tunnel


Sounds good to me, As I've been saying in posts I have only been downloading and saving the chapters waiting to have it all ready at the same time so this suits me perfectly as I imagine it will for many others. Great move.

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I can't wait to see what you guys have in store. I love me some lovecraft, so when this is released, I'm gonna get a major fix :D

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Episodic formula doesn't really work, it's supposed to shorten the wait, problem is the wait is always longer than expected... thats what happens when you have polish/bug test every time you need a release, having to do that part of the development again and again adds to the amount of time it takes to release all the episodes and it focuses development on the first few parts so theres not much work being done on the later parts of the game... theres less chance to go back and change something that happened early on in the game so you have to be very sure about every decision you make while developing it. So more prone to error.

It does however give the public something to play while they wait, and give feedback on how the game is, whats working and whats not, what people are liking... but then again so does a Alpha build or Beta testing.
It also does what you said about generating interest and so forth but for a smaller project like this, the episodic content wouldn't be long enough to give people a satisfying experience. It wouldn't be able to resolve much storyline wise or give the closure (or god forbid, cliffhanger) that people look for in a ending.
Theres less connection between the episodes, you can't carry over the players equipment/weapons so it makes the game feel fragmented. Like part of your progress is been taken away.

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