The mod is pretty much Classic Battletech but put into more of TA's scale of battle. it supposed to feel and emulate most of the classic battle tech universe yet still be a fun rts like TA, with the obvious restrictions of the TA engine. Right now it is in beta testing phase, and there are 2 factions. inner sphere and clan, 2 tiers light and medium. The last tier is being worked on now which which will have the heavies and assault class mechs, vehicles, and air support. It will probably be included in the next release. After its release I will probably fill in a few holes with some more units to help game play and balance.

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Please read content concerning future updates and modding content license.

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1st off TBT will no longer have any updates for balancing or content from me, however if someone would like to take up such a feat message me privately for information concerning.

Now to the main topic, because I love seeing mods getting finished and I know the problems with man power and design content, I will be releasing the content of this mod for use in other mods as long as they properly credit the materials used. Not following these guidelines voids such content license. Contact me for additional details.

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