Torn Stars, a TC for Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos Torn Stars (formerly Epic: Middle States) is a new and epic space simulation set in the war torn and ravaged Middle States star cluster. Live a second life traveling and plying the space lanes with a fleet of transports, preying on fat and rich merchant transports as a pirate, exploring l-points and undiscovered star systems, or even laying claims and searching out mineral-rich asteroids. Do all this and much more whilst avoiding the myriad hazards and threats of the shattered Middle States empires. The sights, sounds, adventures and danger of Torn Stars await you! Come make your second home amidst its broken yet still hauntingly beautiful splendor. Features of Torn Stars include: A huge 26 system star cluster, including literally hundreds of space stations. A rich history and background that gives sense and life to the cluster. Freeform gameplay in a universe lavishly simulated...

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I always thought of the walls of the capsule as being a near-infinite distance away, or at least not something you could collide with. It looks very odd having this lumpy orange stuff everywhere around you! :-p

(Also, aren't you supposed to only be able to enter the LP from inside the blue HUD funnel?)

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cambragol Author

Well, this simulation is styled to look as near as possible to the cut scenes from I-war 1 and 2. Take a look at some on (about 3:14 in the video) and you will see what I mean. Additionally, in the final I-war2 cutscene you actually take out your nemesis by smashing him into the sides of the capsule tunnel. He is destroyed of course. We simulate this in game by having a collision with the side drop you out of capsule space with a certain amount of damage.

It is possible to enter the LP from any direction. The blue and red signs are just the interstellar equivalent of traffic lights. Pirates can do as they wish, which includes enter the red end, or from the side, or from whereever.

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This video shows quite well how our capsule jump simulation will play for the player. Travelling between star systems is no longer just a cut scene, but is now a fully playable simulation that will take skill, and the proper equipment, to traverse safely. Hot shot pilots who become proficient at manaeuvering through unstable capsule tunnels may find ample reward for the risk.

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