The story is set in another facility, this time built in the ocean caves under Tokami Island. The facility is a combination of various mining and research opperations. There is possibly some xen portal construction work in progress. You must get out alive!

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FenrisTheWolfGod says

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I have to say even though I enjoyed this mod it was too short for my tastes. I also felt some of the levels were oversized and others seemed to have too many map build glitches. I would say if time was spend on making the maps less huge and everything blended together better I would have given it more than six. One last thing that annoyed me was not being able to help the scientists survive throughout the game.


Weperlol says

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Amateur mod but not bad. plenty of action and platforming with a bit of backtracking.


flippedoutkyrii says

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Rough around the edges, chock-full of amateur mapping and rife with a few unbalanced spots, Tokami island is still a nice romp through waves of grunts with plenty of firepower.

Just don't expect too much from this overlooked HL mod from years past.


Qwertyus says

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Good interesting mod.


VladGuardian says

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