Todesangst (pronounced TOH-dess-ahngst) is a German word that literaly means fear of death, but is usually translated as meaning terror or dread. Todesangst introduces the new sinister character Dr. Jack Newell, expert chaos theory mathematician and Director of Black Mesa R&D. Gordon Freeman and Dr. Newell have always had an adversarial relationship at best, and Gordon's hero status following the containment of Xen only served to inflame Dr. Newell's hatred and jealousy of him. The timeframe for Todesangst is set shortly after Gordon Freeman's successful return from Xen. The episode opens with a cut-scene of Mr. Blackstone (a.k.a. the G-man) arriving at Dr. Newell's office. As we soon discover, Dr. Newell has had Mr. Blackstone in his control all along, and has his own intentions for the exploitation of Xen's biological uniqueness. . . Its up to you, Gordon, to stop your evil colleague from unleashing the horror of Xen on humanity. . . if its not too late. . ....

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This was awesome! Not perfect but fun!


Very well done GldSrc mod.

This is a must play for anyone who enjoys mods for the original HL.

One of the greatest mod I played so far.

Just finished up the first one. I'm impressed of the outcome. Still have to play the second one, but here's my grade on the game.

Graphics: We all know Half-Life is outdated as far as this, but for the game itself it's very detailed. I liked how it wasn't "flat" and had many different areas to explore with different levels of flooring. I did notice some overlaying of the environment, but it didn't affect the game.

Story: It's a typical one that everyone usually branches off from, but it has a bit of a twist to it. I was interested in what was to happen next. Also, the cut scenes make it nice since it involves you in understanding what's going on.

Gameplay: As lame as it sounds, I played the game on Easy difficulty. But there was a bit of a challenge with the enemies, which I liked. Some games/mods out there are a breeze and seem boring. This game however, kept me wanting to head for cover and making sure I was going to be able to move forward.

Overall: Detailed graphics [from a Half-Life point of view], interesting story, and a good challenge make this one of the better mods out there. Although on the short side, it kept me playing til I was finished. Also, without spoiling anything... towards the end it gave me a smile and chuckle.

*I recommend this to anyone who loves Half-Life mods.*

This is a well-made mod, which also includes some custom stuff. The author's approach in designing the levels is rather original, the level design has many unique features. The mod also has good FPS action to offer, and no boring parts.


Fun! I liked the spaced fights with the soldiers. I also never knew that Half Life was missing a mustache twirling villain.

Nice mod!


A slightly-less-than-average mapping and a lot of gameplay problems makes the experience unpleasant and frustrating. The game often kills you or inflicts you damage in a way you couldn't have predicted if you hadn't played the game before. The complete lack of autosave is already a problem in itself, but combined with the issue aforementioned it just make the mod unplayable. There are also creates with a breakable-crate texture you can't break, crates you can break yet are necessary to progress in the mod, rooms you can go to but can't go back...

Awful linear levels...

Todesangst is one of those more unique mods, not in the environements or content, but merely in it's approach to gameplay.

Summary: a moderate amount of vent crawling but used quite well here, a fair bit of variety in environments, medium length (~40 min), poses a moral question,
Forgettable storyline/long unncessary cutscenes, mediocre voice acting,
out of place music and light on combat (especially in the first half).

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