Tier666TA is a bot AI modification focused on replay value. Bots can now move around just as pro players do. To play this mod, you need both Quake3 Arena and Team Arena installed on your PC.

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The next version will be released in a few days. For now only q3ctf1 is playable.

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The next version will be released in a few days.
For the past 3 weeks I've mostly worked on fundamental structure that could expand or restrict the potential of this mod.
Now it's almost over and it's time to support more and more maps!
For now only q3ctf1 is playable.

Note that there is no compatibility between previous version and new one.
Pro-q3dm6 and q3dm6 will be back later.

Anyway here is the readme file.

Title : Quake3 Arena Tier666 Modification v2.0(preview release)
Author : a13xoloid
description : Bot AI Mod for extraordinary offline play

* Play Information *

- make sure you have retail version of Quake III: Arena installed on your PC, ideally patched to version 1.27 or above
- if you have previous version installed, be sure to delete it or prepare to overwrite it
- unzip the contents of tier666-v2.0.zip to your Quake3 folder, so that q3-tier666.exe and run.bat are located in the same directory with quake3.exe
- double click run.bat file

* Description *

Tier666 mod requires a per map configuration or specialized version of bot file and arena file.
Currently supported map is q3ctf1 only.
No other maps are supposed to be playable.
(Previously supported q3dm6 and pro-q3dm6 don't work anymore)
Note that because bot AI code in executable and game module are co-dependent each other, you can't run other mods on top of Tier666.

* Features *

- advanced bot movement with less CPU usage
- more unpredictable bot behaviour with less CPU usage
- enhanced CTF AI(use of more decision factors, such as team score, than original Quake3 Team Arena)
- more graphic settings

* Tier666 CVARS *
cg_drawMuzzleFlash - draw weapon flash effect when fired - default:0
cg_drawScreenBlood - draw blood effect on screen - default:0
cg_projectileScale - scale the radius of projectile trail - default:0.5
cg_drawSpeed - show player's horizontal movement speed in unit/sec - default:0
cg_leastDlight - only flag carriers emit dynamic light - default:1
cg_drawAreaNum - show aas area number at the location where you are currently standing - default:1
(can be used to make bots roam around specific areas, for example, say_team sarge roam from 13 to 666)
cg_playerLean - lean player model based on speed - default:0
cg_hitbeeps - 0:no beeps, 1:mono tone, 2:damage based tone, 3:the opposite tone of 2 - default:2
r_freqScale - scale the frequency of blinking textures - default:1.0
r_drawFog - draw fog - default:1
r_drawVolumetricLight - draw volumetric lights in official id maps - default:1
r_picmip - picmip for level textures and map objects only - default:1
r_picmipExp - picmip for missile explosions only - default:2
r_ambientscale - scale the brightness of dynamically lit(by lightgrid) models(player models) - default:0.6
r_drawMapObjects - draw map objects - default:1
r_huntMode - 1:makes level textures gray, 2:makes lightmap gray, 3:makes both gray - default:0
r_intensityPM - set the intensity of player models - default:2
r_intensityTX - set the intensity of level textures - default:2
r_normalizeByColor - prevent lit textures turn white out - default:1
r_mdlOBB - set overbrightbits for map objects only - default:2
r_lgOBB - set overbrightbits for lightgrid only - default:2
r_lmOBB - set overbrightbits for lightmap only - default:2
r_mapOverBrightBits - set overbrightbits for targets other than listed above(mostly level textures) - default:2
r_zFar - don't draw anything whose distance exceeds this value(recommended for Nvidia Riva TNT or ATI Rage Pro users) - default:-1(disabled)
r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic - enables anisotropic filtering - default:0
r_textureAnisotropy - set anisotropy level - default:1.0

* Plan *

- support of Team Arena terrain maps
- support of famous map packs such as RA3 and 3W
- support of all the other user-made maps ever released
- support of new gametypes
- release of bot file creation tool(bspc666.exe and related assets for gtkradiant)

* Author *

Name : a13xoloid
E-mail: hareluya666@gmail.com
Home : Moddb.com

Special thanks to id software to release full source code.

* Copyright / Permissions *

This mod is (c) by a13xoloid (2011). All rights reserved.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this mod, i.e. put it on a CD
or any other electronic medium (e.g. that would be included with a magazine)
without my explicit permission.

You MAY distribute this mod and associated files through the (internet,
FTP, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive

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