Tier666TA is a bot AI modification focused on replay value. Bots can now move around just as pro players do. To play this mod, you need both Quake3 Arena and Team Arena installed on your PC.

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Tier666 is a bot AI modification for QuakeIII Arena. Bots now move faster and act more unpredictably. You can expect more on enjoyable opponents. 5 new gametypes support bots specialized for each one.

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* sample gameplay video *

Click here to download

Title : Quake3 Arena Tier666 Modification 2011(final full version of the year 2011)
Author : a13xoloid
description : Bot AI Mod for extraordinary offline experience

* Description *
Tier666 is a bot AI modification for QuakeIII Arena.
Bots can now move faster and act more unpredictably.
You can expect more on enjoyable opponents.

* Features *
- new gametype "Tour d'Arena" or "TDA" (a variant of Rocket Arena or Clan Arena)
- new gametype "Quick Caputre Strike" or "QCS" (a variant of Capture Strike)
- new gametype "Occupy Sweet Spot" or "OSS" (a variant of Domination)

  • this gametype is the main feature of Tier666 and is used as a single player mode

- new gametype "Not True Tourney" or "NTT" (a variant of Tournament)
- new gametype "Kill The Emperor" or "KTE" (a variant of TDM)
- universal instagib mode (a variant of instagib)
- additional player movement

  • a traditional double jump (from CPM or Quake Live)
  • a variant of bounce pad double jump (from Quake Live)

- advanced bot movement
- dynamic weapon choice AI
- more unpredictable bot behaviour
- flexibly configurable AI, per map, per gametype, per general
- wider range of graphic setting than original Quake3 Team Arena

* Play Information *
- make sure you have retail version of Quake III Arena installed on your PC, ideally patched to version 1.27 or above
- if you have previous version of tier666(v3.1 or below) installed, be sure to delete it or prepare to overwrite it
- unzip the contents of tier666-2011.zip to your Quake3 folder, so that "q3-tier666.exe" sits in the same directory with original "quake3.exe"
- double click "run_tier666.bat" to play (you can create your own shortcut as well)

  • Tier666 demands far more system memory for bot movement than original Quake3 Arena, if you failed to load a map, appending a launch parameter "+set com_hunkMegs 128" or higher can help.

your_quake3_directoy\ (such as C:\game\quake3\)
|_baseq3\ (addon maps can be put anywhere else as long as they are surely looked up)
| |_ map-mvctf01.pk3
| |_ pro-q3tourney7.pk3
| |_ ra3map1.pk3
| |_ spank1.pk3
| |_ ztn3tourney1.pk3
|_ cgamex86.dll
|_ qagamex86.dll
|_ tier666.pk3
|_ uix86.dll

* Supported Official Maps *
- pro-q3dm6 (FFA, NTT, KTE)
- q3ctf1 (CTF, QCS)
- q3dm1 (OSS)
- q3dm3 (FFA, OSS, KTE)
- q3dm4 (FFA, OSS, KTE)
- q3dm6 (OSS)
- q3dm13 (OSS)
- q3dm17 (OSS)
- q3tourney1 (OSS)
- q3tourney2 (OSS)
- q3tourney3 (OSS)
- q3tourney5 (OSS)

* Supported Custom Maps *
- mvctf01 (QCS)
- pro-q3tourney7 (FFA, NTT, KTE)
- ra3map1 (TDA)
- spank1 (TDA)
- ztn3tourney1 (NTT)

  • This mod requires an additional setup for the best experience, so the number of supported map is limited at the moment.
  • Because bot AI code in executable and game module are co-dependent each other, you can't inherit the features of Tier666 mod to other mods.

* Change Log (since v3.1) * (full change log is available in the zip file)
- added a new gametype "Not True Tourney"(g_gametype 1)

  • this gametype emulates the situation of professional duel, so that any player can enjoy playing pro duel instead of just watching one

- added a new gametype "Kill The Emperor"(g_gametype 3)

  • team leader(or human player by default) is the emperor, others are soldiers
  • bot soldiers move faster, use gauntlet only and stalk enemy emperor
  • if soldiers kill the enemy emperor, their team gets 5 score point

- added 7 new official maps
- added 4 new custom maps
- added a new property to an existing CVAR "cg_gibs"
- added a new CVAR "g_botItemTimingMaxDelay" for "Not True Tourney"
- added a new CVAR "g_enemySoldierBody" for "Kill The Emperor"
- added a new CVAR "g_teamSoldierBody" for "Kill The Emperor"
- added a new CVAR "cg_lightningImpact"
- added a new CVAR "cg_crosshairHit" (cg_crosshairHealth was removed)
- added a new CVAR "cg_drawItemTier"
- added 4 new preset screen size (r_mode 12: 640x400, 13: 1280x800, 14: 640x360, 15: 1280x720)

  • If your screen resolution is gigantic and not supported here, you need to set r_mode -1, r_customwidth, r_customheight respectively

- bots now use dynamic weapon choice AI only against human players
- sv_maxclinets is now always set to 24 when match is started from skirmish menu, so that arbitrary number of bots can be quickly added later without map_restart
- now some bots in defense team are teleported to central patrol area as soon as the round starts in Quick Capture Strike
- now in case one human player dies, the team loses the round in Tour d'Arena and Quick Capture Strike if g_arenaSkipBotBattle is set to 1
- replaced legacy S3 texture compression format with newer version, resulting in better quality and faster loading speed on some gfx unit
- fixed a stretched crosshair issue on wider screen resolution
- fixed a MH/RA/YA timer bug where incorrect count was shown if custom respawn wait was specified
- fixed a critical bug that made a round endless in Quick Capture Strike
- fixed a wacky air move bug where human players occasionally could gain semi-flight capability

* Tier666 CVARS (since v3.1) * (full cvar list is available in the zip file)
cg_teamModel - use this model for all team mates (only in effect if cg_forceModel is set to 1) - default : crash
cg_enemyModel - use this model for all enemies (only in effect if cg_forceModel is set to 1) - default : keel

  • cg_forceModel takes no effect in "Occupy Sweet Spot" and "Kill The Emperor"

cg_lightningImpact - draw impact flash by lightning gun - default:0
cg_crosshairHit - indicates your bullet/missile hit by colorizing crosshair with color2(the color of rail mark on wall)- default:1
cg_gibs - sets the amount of fragmented gibs, 0:disabled, 1:full, 2:cuts 33.3%, 3:cuts 66.6% - default:1
cg_drawItemTimer - draw MH/RA/YA timer during weapon selection, 0:disabled, 1:basic, 2:detailed - default:2
g_botItemTimingMaxDelay - in Duel Training Mode bots' item timing(MH/RA/YA) can be delayed up to this value + 1 seconds - default:1
g_enemySoldierBody - specify the enemy solider body in Kill The Emperor mode - default : klesk
g_teamSoldierBody - specify the team solider body in Kill The Emperor mode - default : sarge

* Plan *
- drastically reducing system memory requirement for bots
- supporting some user-made maps
- supporting Team Arena and some of its terrain maps (Overdoes, Distant Screams)
- releasing bot file creation tool(bspc666.exe and related assets for gtkradiant) and docs

* Author *
Name : a13xoloid
E-mail: hareluya666@gmail.com
Home : Moddb.com
Special thanks to id software to release full source code.


Nice to still see some Quake 3 modding going on

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a13xoloid Author

Q1 and Q2 are still being heavily modded.
Why not Q3? :)

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This is so cool. I'll probably never get to try it, but I love seeing classic games get this sort of dedication.

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Incredible Master! I need your professional help. I know nothing of modification, only the most basic things and I've been working on a game mode. QuakeLive for Quake3. Now I have the maps, sounds and weapons Quake3 installed QuakeLive. I'm still missing a few things and between this time and crosshairHIT items that I would be very useful. But not only these 2 as adding enhancements to Quake3, usually introduced the modified files to baseq3 and ready. But with your mod is not working. I really appreciate it if you help me with this. I just need time and crosshairHit items to work in Quake3. Thank you master!

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I leave my imeil if you wish to contact me "Richy_7520_x@hotmail.com

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