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Another update for TWA. Again not much new, but a couple of fixes & improvements.

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And its time for an update again.

2 important notes:
-I haven't had much time to test the balancing changes - any suggestions would be welcome.
-the Scrin Shrikes are a TEST unit - model & icon are placeholder, I just wanted to see if the idea works & is fun to use.

You also might have noticed that I didn't add any screenshots in the past month due a lack of free time - if you have any screenshots that I should add into the gallery, feel free to post them in the comments.

Last but not least I want to say thank you to ShadowKain666 for his help in translating a couple of texts for TWA. :)

-Hexapods can absorb Shock Troopers again.
-Scrin Support Towers now use Scrin repair drones instead of Nod repair drones.
-Archons can now be properly promoted.
-Corruptors can now be used to heal Hexapods.
-Corrupters healing has been reduced by 25% (their attack damage stays the same).
-Added debris models for the Eraser.
-Added new sounds for the Eraser.
-Increased Eraser attack range.
-Added debris models for the Scourge.
-Cultists no longer need a Nerve Center to be built (bringing them in line with Snipers & Shadows).
-Ravagers now need a Nerve Center to be built instead of a Stasis Chamber (bringing them in line with Grenadiers & Black Hands).
-New unit:
*Shrikes: A small group of flying suicide drones. Not very powerfull, but cheap und easy to use in masses. Can not be promoted.

-Sandstorm rockets weakened.
-Improved Hammerhead armor and lowered its cost (from 1500$ to 1300$).
-Improved armor for Zone Trooper & Zone Raider.
-Grenadiers take less damage from "gun" weapons.
-Overhauled the Mastodon's weapons and changed effects for its railguns (taken from KW MARV).
-Added damage effects to the Mastodon. (smoke, fire)
-Added "Formation Preview" model for the Mastodon.
-Added a new "Reinforcements under attack!" EVA sound for Ox Transports bringing reinforcements.
-Corrected a bug where Command Posts didn't give exp when destroyed.
-Reduced the EMP duration for EMP grenades from 10 to 2 seconds and slightly increased reload time.

-Advanced Power Plants now require a Warfactory to build.
-Corrected a bug where Advanced Power Plants didn't give exp when destroyed.
-Improved armor for all Cyborg units (including Commando & Reaper).
-Buffed the Reapers and lowered their price to 1500.
-Black Hands now take less damage from "gun" weapons.
-Locked the Decoy Temple for the AI - since their placement of it makes it obvious, there is no point in using it.

-Fixed a bug that prevented heroic Scavenger Buses from attacking.
-Fixed some faulty code that resulted in aircraft debris disappearing in midair instad of hitting the ground.
-Removed "Clear Garrisoned Structure" from the Scavenger Bus tool tip.
-Added the once missing texts for Rage Generator & Space Command Uplink.
-Mutant infantry units built by GDI or Nod can now utilize the "Call for Transport" ability
-Fixed some missing/incorrect effects.
-All "Epic" Warfactories have slightly better armor and now give correct exp when destroyed.
-Tiberium Fiends are now built in hordes (instead of a single unit), thus some of their stats have been updated.


One suggestion would be if you want testing of this to disable the super weapons (ion canon etc), as it would give time to check each unit.

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you can test in maps with disabled superweaons and such, Removing superweapons is pointless.

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I just played using Scrin (My favourite faction) but this mod made them SO weak~!! Now the GDI Riflemen just destroy the Buzzers in seconds and I'm like WTF??

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YOur right, they seem almost too weak to work unless you got dozens of em. A bug i found: Erasers seem to be resistant to targeting structures at range. I attacked conyard and they got in range, aimed, and did diddly squat. I forced them closer to the target and they still wouldn fire untill i got them very close which defeats the point of an artillery unit.

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I disagree with several changes from 1.71. why is the sandstorm getting such a nerf? The jumb ability gives it some decent hit-and-run potential which is something GDI needs badly. YOu took away my favorite havester harrasment tool!

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Sorry for the bad english, I am a foreigner and I write with the help of Google-translate

Found defects Nod faction: light tanks too inferior to the average tank GDI. Can they be strengthened in order to win at a ratio of less than 3 to 1? For example: increase the damage?
Novices also concede arrows GDI. Perhaps they, too, need to strengthen the attack? For example: they cause more damage than GDI, but in a smaller distance, or they have less "hit point" ...
In the tank-invisible lacks range and damage to combat enemy equipment and protective structures. At current characteristics for killing 1 "mammoth" need 6 "ghosts." On the whole, too often the first attack is for them to last.
Avatar is too weak and highly specialized compared to the "mammoth". He needs to reinforce armor and change improvements. In the present form of a choice between the possibility of anything to oppose the super-heavy tank and the ability to suppress enemy infantry and strengthening can seriously spoil the nerves.
Specter ... Because some error Specter often goes directly towards the enemy - instead of attacking. And this is necessary for them to constantly monitor.
On the whole, its effectiveness is questionable. Maybe it altogether remake? For example: he usually shoots in a straight line, but the attacking zone of the lighthouse, "shadows", he unfolds and strikes have on the arc? Will self-propelled artillery is quite decent - certainly if you leave the range of the current.
Well, the Wraith too long to cope with enemy aircraft. Some maneuvering bug or something like that.

This is the most noticeable. I hope that helped.

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Has anyone experienced when you began the White House (GDI Campaign) mission on Hard mode after summoning the airstrike on NOD at beginning of mission when the airships drop units there's suppose to be an MCV in order to start building units but its missing? I've tried to restart several times in this mission and same thing happens can't advance further unless the MCV appears??

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ive found a fix. if you rotate your camera to where the ox transports came from and drag your selection box to a big box and release it you should select the mcv then order it to move and voila your mcv is there

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