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Some infos about Nods new fighter aircraft. It will be advaible in 1.53.

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One of the additions for the next version (aka 1.53) will be a new aircraft, the Nod Wraith Fighter.

While the Banshee, being a prototype and basically the first of its kind, was heavily reliant on alien technology, its successor is based 100% on Nod´s state of the art technology, which didn´t assimilate the alien technology but rather was itself reinvented based on the new insights gained from the Tacitus. Due to its anti-gravity capabilities and its four heavy, conventional engines, the Wraith is one of the fastest aircraft at its time while still being extremely maneuverable. A pair of plasma cannons give it exceptional attack capabilities against most targets and the standardized mainframe can be outfitted with various additional weapons. It is even speculated that some of these aircrafts have been outfitted with stealth generators.

Gameplay wise it will be a tier-3 fighter aricraft, very fast and mobile, but with 2 drawbacks: It hat a limited ammo storage and a minimum attack range, making it prettty powerfull against slow targets, yet it can easily shot down by Stormriders and other untis that can stay behind or inside the minimum range.

Wraith Render:

Wraith ingame:

Attacking Wraith:

Once again, this awsome model (and its description text) was made by Golan.


Well it looks awesome and all but I just wonder, why do you have too change the name? Compare with the Apachee helicopter of the US army. It has been in use for over 25 years and it will probably serve for another 25 years. During the time they have changed some equipment onboard but it basically looks the same. The Banshee has been in use for 10 years so I don't see the reason why you must change it. Can't you just keep the original design and still call it the Banshee. Just do some necessary minor chanhges.

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Stygs Author

The new design was needed because its basicly impossible to remodel the old Banshee without some good pictures (they appear only in a couple of short videos), thus it was easier to go with a new design than trying to remake the old one.
And since its a totally new model, a totaly new name seemed to be a good idea :P

And Wraith simply fits better with Venom & Vertigo than Banshee ;)

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some mod already have banshee.so, i thinks it is better for this mod to have a new content :)

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