Taking place in Interbellum, this is a story about the untold fight between GDI and tiberium, about the world where Nod rebels incessantly fight each other, and the Forgotten retreat for a reason known only to them.

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The final 1.0 release of Tiberium Tale mod for Tiberian Sun: Firestorm. Brotherhood of Nod gets mobile versions of base defences.

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The final 1.0 release of Tiberium Tale. Brotherhood of Nod gets mobile versions of base defences and barracks, as a measure to balance the gameplay, because GDI has (added in the 0.19 release) heavy base defences - GDI Fortress Tower upgrades. That's why Nod gets something to step up its mobility.

New Nod units list:
Mobile Obelisk of Light
Mobile Deployable EMP Cannon
Mobile SAM
Mobile Laser
Mobile Hand of Nod

* * *
Mobile Obelisk of Light

1.0 / Nod Mobile Obelisk of Light

* * *
Mobile Deployable EMP Cannon

1.0 / Nod Mobile EMP Cannon

* * *
Mobile SAM

1.0 / Nod Mobile SAM

* * *
Mobile Laser

1.0 / Nod Mobile Laser

* * *
Mobile Hand of Nod

1.0 / Nod Mobile Hand of Nod

General and properties
All of them are 50% more expensive than their stationary counterparts, for example Hand of Nod costs 300 credits while Mobile Hand of Nod is priced at 450 credits. None of them requires power or is powered, they're self-sufficient and ready to deploy and undeploy whenever you wish.

You can get Mobile Laser and SAM at the start of the game. Also, mobile EMP, Laser, SAM and Obelisk can be found in crate goodies too.

Especially low cost mobile versions of Laser, SAM and Hand of Nod can prove to be useful - they're cheap and can be set up anywhere as a quick outpost.

Structure and tech requirements
Mobile Laser, Mobile SAM, Mobile Laser: War Factory + Nod Tech Center
Mobile Deployable EMP Cannon: War Factory + Nod Tech Center + Nod Radar
Mobile Obelisk of Light: War Factory + Temple of Nod

Price: (50% higher than their stationary counterparts)
Mobile Laser: 450 credits
Mobile Hand of Nod: 450
Mobile SAM: 750
Mobile Deployable EMP Cannon: 1500
Mobile Obelisk of Light: 2250


So does the mobile version undeploy the the MSA?

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feillyne AuthorSubscriber

What do you mean by MSA?

SAM? Yes, each mobile version deploys into a unique mobile version of a building, i.e. deployed SAM can undeploy back into its mobile version.

While the stationary (original) SAM can't deploy into a mobile version. Base defences you build from the buildings production stripe can't undeploy.

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