Tiberium Resurrection is a Tiberian Sun mod that seeks to expand and enhance on the original game in every way, while staying true to the style and lore of the base game. This includes a brand new campaign exploring both side's fight for control of the Forgotten after Tratos' assassination. To tell this story, TR employs all original cutscenes, pixel art and voice lines for a truly immersive experience. When you're done with the campaign, jump into skirmish or multiplayer and enjoy the full arsenal of our new units, as well as improved game balance. TR also features both updated versions of original Westwood maps, as well as brand new ones, made with a widened array of mapping assets. We hope to see you both in-game and on our discord server!

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Hello everyone, it's christmas time again and with it comes the last TR post of this year. Before I begin though, I would like to wish you all merry christmas and a happy new year! Stay safe and enjoy the holidays 😝

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​Secondly, I would like to announce a BIG asset addition to snow theater. As you all know, I am currently working on the second campaign map, which is snow so I decided to convert stuff from temperate to make the snow theater more viable option for both campaign and skirmish maps. So far, we managed to add the following items:

  • fonas
  • rocks
  • civilian buildings
  • billboards
  • lamps
  • logo pavement
  • pavement cliffs
  • red, green and blue crystal tiles

It took quite some time, effort and troubleshooting to make this all work, so I would like to thank @Hamed Elite and @Bittah Commander for helping me to achieve this goal!

In addition, we have a plenty of new OSTs on their way! You can listen to the newest ones here:

I would love to show you more from the development of the Propaganda Forecast, but that will have to wait for a bit longer. I am happy to inform you that the progress is going good so far and I am really looking forward to release it! For now, I will just leave you with this πŸ˜‰

Have a great day!



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loved the propaganda forecast

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Lucas-SK Author

I believe you will enjoy the new Propaganda Forecast as well πŸ˜‰.

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