Tiberium Resurrection is a Tiberian Sun mod that seeks to expand and enhance on the original game in every way, while staying true to the style and lore of the base game. This includes a brand new campaign exploring both side's fight for control of the Forgotten after Tratos' assassination. To tell this story, TR employs all original cutscenes, pixel art and voice lines for a truly immersive experience. When you're done with the campaign, jump into skirmish or multiplayer and enjoy the full arsenal of our new units, as well as improved game balance. TR also features both updated versions of original Westwood maps, as well as brand new ones, made with a widened array of mapping assets. We hope to see you both in-game and on our discord server!

RSS Mutant Armories 101

Tiberium Resurrection recently reached 11 900 views on ModDB, 11 000 views on CnCNet, 9 500 views on PPMforums, 2 200 views on W3DHub and 1 800 views on CnCNz. I feel like now is the right time to another upcoming feature in TR 3.5 - Mutant Armories!

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Each map will include a few Mutant Armories. Once captured (and held) player can build 4 Forgotten units to help defeat his opponent!

Mutant - Forgotten equivalent of Light Infantry! Can heal on tiberium and is easily pissed. msselect2.wav

Tiberian Fiend - Their friendly doggos (kinda glowing tho)...

Mutant Hijacker - cause why should Nod have all the fun?

Mutant Sniper - Forgotten elite unit, which can be the best or the worst unit in-game depending on how you can handle her!

Worry not though, if you are not a fan of this feature, you will be able to disable it with a new option!


Lastly, Zoom3000 did a great job on beating ExtraHard AI in TR! Check out his vid here:

Have a good day 😛

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