"War... War never changes. The reasons why we fight these wars remain much the same; some are fought to conquer, for religious and ideological beliefs, other wars are fought over gold, oil, spices – natural resources and money. Power is the key element. This war is no different - except there's nothing natural about Tiberium. The year is 1995 and we have just begun to open up our eyes to view a brave new future, some will come to say it's a horrific future. It is the Dawn of the Tiberian future." --- Tiberian Dawn is a total-conversion for the game Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars. Our goal is to bring C&C1;to a new engine, with enhanced features and graphics while also bringing back much of the classic style of gameplay while not taking steps back from what C&C3;implemented in the series as gameplay features. This is not of course our only goal - the idea of the total-conversion was inspired by an art piece by Godwin that showed the cruelty and bitter humanity of...

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Nod Refinery
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OH MY GOD! Nooo not the Tiberium! :S The only proper way to stop this madness is to capture the refinary and shut it down (sell it)!!!

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the madness must continue!!

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i didnt know there was a differnce between the GDI one and the NOD one ;)
Really great model anyways

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Absolutely essential to the deployment of one's forces, the Refinery is one of the earliest yet most critical structures a commander has at their disposal.

You may note the differences between the GDI and Nod versions of this structure. Nod's Refinery leaves the massive vat in back uncovered. After all, if a bit of Tiberium by-product escapes into the environment, it's just one step closer to bringing Kane's plan for the future to fruition.

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