Hi, my name is Stevan and I have 15 years, this is the first time to create a mod .Remember that the purpose of this mode is not of Discrimination or insulting the national or religious grounds, but already that its purpose is to bring entertainment to players who are playing it.

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Kingdom of Albania?nooo,The albanians were the first nation on Balkans(maybe in Europe too)They were 1.Pelasgians(5000 B.C)
2.Illyrians(3000 B.C)3.Arberians(1022-1368)4.Communist Albania(1940-1990)5.The present Albania.Now Kingdom of Serbia:1.They were Slavs(Huge tribes from the East)2.(Kingdom of Serbia or Serbian Empire 1050-1350)3.Kingdom of Serbia(1750-1810)and "The Great Yugoslavia" and now The present Serbia,Now Greece(Greeks were friend with Illyrians(Albanians)this means that greeks are Veterans in Europe among with Albanians,Bulgaria-Romania-Hunagry(I'm sorry,I don't know too much about them!And Guys!You are probally serbians because you say that Albanians were borned adter WW2!They've gained their independence from The Germans,Italians and Ottomans forever!But we must accept that......Balkans were invaded by Ottomans for a long time(600 years)..... :( Too bad..Hey Serbians and Albanians why you are angry with each other?It's just about Kosovo?Historically it's Albanian and it's 90% ethnically albanian but Kosovo will have a better future with Serbia because Serbia has a freater tech' then Albania.....Please guys don't scream at me...and don't spam please...I'm not from Balkans.



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Thanks God it's dead

mod is dead, uncorect information. Just bad


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Lose,sta vise ocajno.Da si download ubacio kad bi zavrsio mod,nebi bile ovoliko lose ocene.


Historically, this is completely inaccurate, for example - running throug the screenshots, Arad was never romanian until 1920...
As long as I can see, the troops are the same, the lords as well, they were just renamed, nothing new; all you have done is renaming the Native places and characters.
I hope one day you will make a historically more balanced, playable mod :)

<3 It has my country in it!


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This mod is for fun not history!!!


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