You got locked and stuck inside an old house, and you have to get out... but it's not as easy as you think.

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WHAT is this ****?!

Loved it. I hate Jumpscares in a good way. ;D


Gwweri says

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Didn´t enjoy this custom story much.

For me it was just confusing mix of jumpscares, annoying humor and illogical events.
I also stucked in that part, where the monster eats the meat - my monster wasn´t hungry at all. After long twenty minutes i had to watch the let´s play and then restart that part.

Yes, you´re on the good way. But obey "humor" parts with non-matching music (they destroy the atmosphere), add some attractive story and improve the level design.

Story 4/10
Gameplay 6/10
Atmosphere 6/10

Total: 5/10


It was alright...pretty short, TERRIBLE grammar. LEARN English before you speak it. You don't have to capitalize every word... I have no idea where that came from... It was awesome, though, because there were actually funny moments! :D

It was a pretty decent map. The jump scares were overused, however. The English made me cringe a bit, as well.

Really well made! All I'll say is that it's a bit short, but other than that, it's great, good map design, descent story, looking for items, good job! Recommended, however there is a small issue in the water section, the hatch was glitched through the floor, but after a bit of screwing around, it got back in place.

A jumpscare-based custom story, I didn't like it much in the first place, the jumpscares are always cheap. On the other hand, this has some original puzzles, and this fact made me rate it 6/10.


Humeba says

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Pretty good custom story. A few too many jump scares for my taste. But those darn monsters would Not give up!

Had a few good jump scares in it, but was ENTIRLY too short.

Really good and scary.

Pretty good custom story, loved the music changes in some of the rooms and the humour aspect was really nice

Just one point i didn't like though ... everything seemed to blow up or get thrown at you - so next time just cut back on that and then you'll get 9 or 10 :)

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