Thieves Guild is a singleplayer mod, which was loosely inspired by Thief: The Dark Project, a game that was originally developed by Looking Glass Studios. In order to play this mod you will need to have Rune, which was developed by Human Head Studios.

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It's been a while since our last update... In this update we discuss how our play testing is going and what new changes we are implementing. We also discuss our new "achievement counter" and our new game interface (HUD). And last but not least, we give information about our new Thieves Guild YouTube channel.

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Welcome to the New Year! I can hardly believe it's 2012. Weren't we supposed to be extinct by now? At any rate, we have been keeping busy... We recently asked our beta testers for their input and we received a lot of good and useful feedback. We are now implementing some new changes, adding new game features, refining some of our thief tools, and adjusting levels. We even decided to make a completely new level, which now means the mod will contain at least eleven individual maps though, I think that number will still climb (I'm secretly hoping for 13 levels).

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Our new level named "cat burglar" will appear at the beginning of the mod. It has a wide assortment of thief elements and surprises. It also introduces the player to our new "achievement counter". The "achievement counter" is a poster located in convenient location in the level. The player can view the "achievement counter" anytime he chooses, it gives the player current mission status information about the level, how much gold he has found, how many times he has been detected by the guards, how many mission items he has found etc...

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We also added a new game interface (HUD). It has a health bar and a mana bar. When the health bar is full the skull's eyes glow gold and when the mana bar is full a blue eye appears in the hand letting you know you can use some special features like shoot fire arrows from your bow, use the blackjack's silent walk feature etc...

Screenshots 14 Screenshots 14

And lastly we have added a Thieves Guild YoutTube channel. This site has new videos that feature the Thieves Guild mod. In addition, it also has Thieves Guild tutorial videos that will help guide the player through different scenarios like the lock picking process etc... The site link is here: Thieves Guild mod. We will be adding new videos in the upcoming days and weeks.

Screenshots 14 Screenshots 14

"May luck be a lady..."
~ Anonymous.

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