The Wild Wind is a multiplayer modification of Mount & Blade Warband that takes place in the United States in the year 1890. It takes inspiration from such games as Minecraft and Garry's mod, and even other Warband mods like Persistent World. There is no real winning objective; the only goal is to become rich and powerful through the means of your choosing. You can choose to build up a village, to run a store and sell items and supplies to other players, to hunt down criminals and collect the bounties placed on their heads, or even to become the criminal and live life outside the law. There are many new features which have never been seen in any other Mount & Blade Warband multiplayer modifications to this date, including a menu from which you can select props to build, item crafting, and an inventory system that updates in real-time.

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Need More Maps And Bots

Excellent mod, such as shame that it died, well all mods dies in the end don't it? Shredzorz we hope you will make this OSP soon just like what you said in the pm before.



A fun mod to play online with friends!


Great modding,

You put so much features in people get lost ;)

If im supposed to criticize it, I guess it's not that noob friendly and the whole sandbox gives people also a lot of power to troll.

Other then some stupid players this mod is perfect. Great work!

this is a must have for any and all M&B:warband players as it brings you into the oldwest, i mean seriously the only dlc steam has for M&B is the napoleonic war mod which isnt nearly as good as this.


id rate it higher if it gave a tutorial idk what to do at all if anyone can explain please do ive taken down trees but i get nothing the most ive done besides beat trees down with my fist is fill a bucket with water and id like single player as well


10hfh says

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Pretty well, i made a personal server to test it and it was alright, now if i were to find other servers (officail) that would be great~


bargol says

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There aren't a lot of mods like this... This is an incredible mod!!!


Hay pocos mods como estos, es un increĆ­ble mod !!


Im votin 10/10 because i never seen such an amazing scripts work on Warband And the Gameplay its trying to acomplish its just epic.
Even if its still an alpha with a lots of bugs, It deserver my 10 because of its creativity and gameplay mechanics it incorporated into Warband Engine.

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Need More Maps And Bots

Mar 15 2012 by soldat1500