The Underverse is a Total Conversion Mod for Freelancer Created By Team [RIP]

Based on the Chronicles of Riddick Movie series

The Current VER is 12.3 - Welcome to the ninth release of the UnderVerse! Christmas Day 2017

What is different about this mod? (Total conversion, tradelane lights, story, role-play, ships, planets, stations, billboards, voices, sounds, music, menus, fonts, start screen, animated intro, npc's, missions, commodities, fast dock, cruise speed, ammo count, 2billion credit limit, 15k scanner range, launch voice, npcs speak new names, Nav map, system layouts, suns all activated, zero errors, new weapons, rank 90, only certain systems (and bases and Warp Stations etc) show up to a new player, start with the UV Manual in cargo hold, custom start ship, NPC ship and weapon tweaks, no planet diving (200 damage), custom 3db icons, 8.7 mil missions, ...)

The UnderVerse storyline
Server Admins and helpers (~Purifiers~, [Regulators]

Welcome to the UnderVerse! You're not afraid of the dark, are you?

Here is a bold new universe layout along with a bold new type of roleplay!

Based on the Chronicles of Riddick trilogy, we take you slightly into the future from the end of the third movie. It is now 30 years since Riddick sat on the throne and became the Necromonger leader. One of the first things he did was to stop the advance of the fleet into more territories and had them fall back to home space. Then he freed all who remained from the truly demolished worlds, Furyans being the first. Once news of this surfaced, other non-purified survivors began returning to their home systems to start the slow process of re-population. Riddick himself disappeared 15 years ago, his whereabouts and fate unknown.
Now the houses are stirring again.
Now the war drums are sounding again.
Where will you be when it all starts again?!

We have 16 special systems:

Chat 1 and 2: No role-play fighting is allowed here (friendly pvp okay).
The Gauntlet: Admins, called ~Purifiers~, will hold events here where you can challenge up to 9 people in 1v1 pvp. Of course, you can volunteer to be the Predator rather than the Prey.
Feudal Wars: ~Purifiers~ can schedule for-fun or for-blood matches here between clans or factions.
The Mosh Pit: A free-for-all arena if you are inside the hazard buoys around the Center Stage.
Fame or Shame: 4 destructable bases, events will be held by ~Purifiers~.
NPC Challenge East and West: Instead of the tiresome 'select a mission' bar scene, you can jump into labeled tradelanes to fight 3 to 15 NPCs at any time. No role play fighting in here.
Roads to Glory North and South: (4 systems in each). If you can figure out how to transit these systems, you can then buy Ultra Heavy Fighters, Gunboats, Cruisers, Bombers and Battleships. No role play fighting allowed here.

We also have other spontaneous events scheduled, you have to play to learn about them.
Of course, if you like missions, we have a few as high as $8.7 million!

Once you work your way up to one of the huge freighters, there are several places where you can easily make $50 million/hour running goods. Since we encourage players to mingle with the other inhabitants of the UnderVerse, these runs are all multi-system jumps. If you want to stay safe in your own space, you can only make $10-20 million/hour. For those adventurous types, there are two $75 million/hour runs.

We have very specific instructions for naming your pilots, please read our rules closely so you don't get a pilot deleted by an Admin. We intend this to be a fun place to play, but it has to be structured fun.

Autoban is turned on. If you are caught cheating, oh well. No farming, money trainers, hacks, cheats or exploits are allowed. No ventrilo, in-game or website flaming, sexism or racism is allowed. Filthy mouths should be kept to a minimum. If you have kids playing here we can set up a private voice channel for them.

Never heard of the Chronicals of Riddick? Did you watch it too many years ago to remember? Go down to Walmart or Target and buy the Trilogy for $14.00

Server Rules

Mod Credits

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The UnderVerse! Version 12.3


Welcome to the ninth release of the UnderVerse! Version 12.3, Christmas Day 2017

Our new IP connection for the game server and ventrilo is RIPSERVERS.COM
Simply change the following for the game server:

Right click your freelancer icon on your desktop and make the target look like this to get to the UnderVerse (edit to your path):

C:\Freelancer\EXE\Freelancer.exe -sRIPSERVERS.COM:2302
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\EXE\Freelancer.exe" -sRIPSERVERS.COM:2302 (use the quotes only if your path has spaces in it, like 'Microsoft Games')

There is no need to install patches of any kind, everything you need is built into the mod, so please start with a clean install of Freelancer. Using Mod Manager 1.3 will give you the best results (no trash left behind when you deactivate).

This release features a new system called Sprauge as well as numerous additions in older systems. Through several slights-of-hand I finally got a few things to work here. Activating the Railgun in the Strand system shoots you into the interior of Planet Sprauge; first to the Transfer Station, an enlargement of one of the vanilla bays, then into the Planet Core. You can fly into and around the Core Base. Many of the rooms are also from vanilla selections with many additions made by DwnUndr. Just like when I made the Illumnion planet cave system in the previous release, making the walls solid was a major challenge, please forgive any imperfections.
Planet Sprague was damaged heavily in history and was abandoned. Years later miners discovered the riches inside the planet and began to carve it from the inside so as to not release the toxic alien organisms. Centuries later the planet is nearly hollow and old established bases have a heavy presence. The interior is also haunted by millenia old races, tread quietly in those areas. The Miner's Guild security forces attempt to keep those dreaded forces away from the populated areas, you are on your own in the void.

The new Sprague Core is accessed from the Rail Gun just north of Kimbleton Mining in the Strand System (jump to the Merchant Alley from the Origin).

There are large moving rocks outside of the Core Base, a result of the heavy mining. They will knock you off course if they hit you, but you can also knock them off course if you ram them in a heavy ship. :)

Ships are sold at all bases except Kat's House of Entertainment. Missions go up to $10 million plus loot. All asteroid fields have profitable mining.

Thanks to Soupman for adding even more voices (well over 5000 so far) and base billboards for this release.

We have four new winners of the Fighter Madness events in the Feudal Wars system who will now get their own start rocks to join the existing four. Come and test your fighter skills!

Adoxa's JFLP has now been added, it will help with screen sizing and tabbing out. Instructions are in the root folder.

DMZ has created a new program called Autopilot, usually used during long distance trading. Set your destination and it will fly you through gates, tradelances etc across multiple systems. Being disrupted is bad though, so pay attention if you have to defend yourself. Instructions are in the root folder.

DMZ has also improved FLAC! Now you can type '/autobuy all' to load all of your ammo.

Each of the four bad NPCs in the Core have their own Destructible Depots. If you can destroy it it will drop two $100 million UV bonds. Of course, the bases are defended with turrets and ships.

Check out the two Pilot Walls in the rear room inside the Core Base. You get to see what the active players of the UnderVerse look like!

There are two surprise rooms in the Core Base, the first person to post a picture of one of them will get $100 million in credits from an admin. Please leave the other for the next person to get paid. There is also an easter egg somewhere in there, that picture will also get $100 million credits.

Mod information from previous releases:

Don't forget to check out Planet Illumnion in the Illumnion system where you fly through 23 km of caves!

Watch the cool intro movie by Goultek! When you have watched it a time or two you can press the Escape key before it starts to bypass it.

The UnderVerse has 110 systems, 503 bases, 127 ships and we are one of the longest running total-conversion mods.

We have dedicated Chat systems, Event systems and Faction systems as well as some faction-only ships. Our eighteen-system 'Merchant Alley' is a great place for new players to get thier space legs and earn some cash with low level npcs.

Our 'Roads to Glory' gives you a challenge as you unlock access to cruisers, battleships and the best trade run in the 'verse.

We still run many events, check out the forums for information.

Freelancer Total Conversion Mod Starter Kits

Freelancer Total Conversion Mod Starter Kits

News 2 comments

these are the Long awaited Total Conversion Mod Starter Packs by [RIP]Dwnundr.. Want to Build your Own TCM for Freelancer then this is the Starter pack...

RSS Files
Freelancer Bio Dome Models...

Freelancer Bio Dome Models...

Models Pack

You know the Domes From Vanilla that you could always look in but never play inside? well that is changed now ...if you want to add these to your mod...

Vanilla Total Conversion Mod Starter, Pack 3.1

Vanilla Total Conversion Mod Starter, Pack 3.1

Other 4 comments

This is the Long awaited Vanilla Total Conversion Mod Starter Pack by [RIP]Dwnundr.. The Difference Between this and the TCM Pack is it Retains Some Vanilla...

Freelancer Total Conversion Mod Starter, Pack 3.0

Freelancer Total Conversion Mod Starter, Pack 3.0


This is the Long awaited Total Conversion Mod Starter Pack by [RIP]Dwnundr.. Want to Build your Own TCM for Freelancer then this is the Starter pack for...

The UnderVerse - By Team [RIP] VER - 12.3

The UnderVerse - By Team [RIP] VER - 12.3

Full Version 4 comments

12.3 IS AVAIL NOW - activate it using FLMM 1.3 - DO NOT USE ANY OTHER VERSION OF FLMM With this Mod.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 110)

This game rocks your socks off !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The most epic mod of this game I have ever seen!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RIP-Soupman Creator

12.3 will be Avail Xmas Day links will be updated when avail...Merry Xmas

Reply Good karma+1 vote
RIP-Soupman Creator

Stand by for another xmas release ...

Reply Good karma+1 vote

hello are you guys working on a 1080p version with my gtx 1080 gpus all lower resolutions don't look good.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RIP-Soupman Creator

you should post this question to Dwn on the UV site ,,, he will see it quicker there

Reply Good karma+1 vote
RIP-Soupman Creator

Hmmmmm New release coming 2.291 ... Drool

Reply Good karma+1 vote

it is realy taking ages to download this :O, is there any way we can get it to go faster the download?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RIP-Soupman Creator

did you try a different server mirror ??

Reply Good karma+1 vote
RIP-Soupman Creator


Although if you just don`t get that DNS Stuff you can always find our Current IP here..

Reply Good karma+2 votes

thanks for the heads up im reinstalling the game as we speak, only thing is it says it will take 8 hours to download the mod from mod db :O

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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