Take the first step, The Underverse is waiting for you - ver 12.3 released 12-25 2017

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just selfish idiots


great mod to play in.
the server is great.
the players are helpful and you got some billiant systems to visit.
they have even got lots events. so even if dont win. you still get paid for joining the events


Duxily says

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There is no server files, only one official server.
With a stupid reason.


Veeery good mod, fun !!!!!!!


Very good work with interesting ideas.


Economic and statistical scale is completely different and incompatible with the original weapons and items (that are still in the game and very much for sale) but the content added as well as challenge systems and totally new universe make up for it.


Nice mod, enjoy playing there xD

Sweet Mod - Best I've played

One off the best mods I have come across for freelancer.

One of the best..if not THE best MOD for Freelancer...period!
Freindly staff (Admins i guess) lots of events to play in..(Mostly) friendly players... ;-)

P.S - I had to change the spelling of my character (Neuromancer to Nueromancer because someone has already used my in game name here and hasn't logged on for atleast 4+ years!!!

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