The Ultimate Universe Mod began in January 2007 with the goal then being a multi stage development process. Chris Jones Gaming as an entity had just begun, and the team, growing by the day, was off to create one heck of a mod. The team acquired modelers, mappers, scripters, programmers, and other ‘staff’. We ended up releasing a ‘demo’ on 4/14/07 – Followed immediately by a little patch to fix a few things. Demo Patch two was released to the public on 5/21/07 after much beta testing, which included all new TOS ships from Moonraker, and a reworked single player campaign from Gamemaster, among other things. Many new missions and 1 on 1 maps added. Mindwipe provided many new sound effects and produced a very nice soundtrack for each race in the mod. Then came The Ultimate Borg, Dominion, then a full 1.0 release on 9/24/07. Stage 2 is in progress with no set release date. Stay tuned my friend.

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RSS TOS Exploration in The Ultimate Universe
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Exploration (scripted) for the Ultimate Universe. This is a beta - the final product will have more stuff to do, and be quite enjoyable. This is an Exploration map, therefore battles are limited. There's transport and cargo ships going about their business, all moving. There will also be a mini-story arc associated with this map. You'll be able to hail and have a conversation with the Vulcan ship, the Planet, The trading stations, etc.. Lighting has been adjusted for realism in space. Wormholes will function. Some surprises as well.. This is for Stage 2 of The Ultimate Universe.