You wake up on a rainy night to a bang on the door and thunder. You get up to see a letter in a puddle of water next to the door it's from your brother telling you that you need to come home... that dad has found something of much power and he has gone mad in science. He goes on saying that he read some of dad's notes saying he has found a way to live for ever and to bring the dead back to life to do his bidding. I fear for my life and mother's... The rest of the letter is too wet to read. You must travel to the village of Chupa and get in your dad's castle there and find out what's going on.

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The things in the night...........................

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I made a walkthough for this mod to help anyone that gets stuck just use this link here. I`m not looking for subs. I do not normally do vids and no rating it`s turned off you can leave a comment Thanks for playing the mod.

This mod is more story based and puzzels based as well.There is only one flying naked guy and a few jump scares in it as well. So if you are looking for a jump scare mod this is not for you this is a series mod and has a big story line as well and is way over a few hours long. SO IF YOU DO NOT LIKE LONG ONES DO NOT PLAY IT AND THEN TURN AROUND AND SAY IT`S TO LONG!!

You will need a FAST! computer to play this mod so if you know you do not have one it`s best not to play it do to it will lag or even crash on you.

If you play it enjoy and thanks for downloading...

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