You wake up on a rainy night to a bang on the door and thunder. You get up to see a letter in a puddle of water next to the door it's from your brother telling you that you need to come home... that dad has found something of much power and he has gone mad in science. He goes on saying that he read some of dad's notes saying he has found a way to live for ever and to bring the dead back to life to do his bidding. I fear for my life and mother's... The rest of the letter is too wet to read. You must travel to the village of Chupa and get in your dad's castle there and find out what's going on.

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great mod. did a youtube lp of it. awesome features, good storyline, long , I hope he makes a part two!

I'm not easily fooled when comes to the story, but this time damn man! You make a damn lot effort on this mod it's just cray how detailed one this is. I have been playing now 3-4 hours straight and not finished?

Easily longest custom story out there, storyline good one make's sense, there are really many maps and damn many puzzles and genius ones and couple jumpscares which is fine. Really different from other cheap custom stories. I see how you build it better and better and really damn good.

There are some grammar errors and overclipping textures, but hey? There is too much detailing what you have in here and it's really normal to have couple bugs. I'm really glad that I don't have so far bugs or getting stuck. Only with puzzles because there are really good and couple unique ones too and really brainstorming.

I love the mapping and almost everything in this mod, it's not poor one what you have maded. Maybe a little confusing parts when you go "Basement, lab, outside, well, strange houses" mixed up order. That's fine.

I really love this mod so far and I was glad that I find this. This is a little gem for the Amnesia custom stories out there. Fascinating work man!

I give 9/10 it's not perfection, but really enjoyable.

This is probably my favorite custom campaign. The level designs are extraordinary and you never know what to expect. Plus I liked how some places reminded me of Penumbra, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill. This mod is full of variety and it has to be the longest one out. The only problems I have with it are mostly minor - AI navigation issues, and some items are hidden in seemingly random places.


One of the best custom stories I've ever played.
In terms of level design and story this is top-notch.
Everyone should try this CS.

Great, awesome, amazing, stunning, outrageous! Cannot find other words for this. Master mapping with a huge sense of detail, very original and hard puzzles (because of the very large areas) and a fair storyline. Combination of modern and old design. Amazing work you've done there! Just one thing, this CS is VERY heavy, I don't know if it's just that demanding or poorly optimized. Either way, that's nothing serious because everything else is just perfect!

excellent story


Absolutely top tier. Best mod I've played.


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Awesome mod, first 10/10 i've given, and totally worth it. Excellent job.


nice bro

So I did a Let's Play of this game on my Youtube channel, and personally I absolutely loved it!

The storyline is gripping and brilliant, the graphics are superb and contain elements that I havent seen in the actual Amnesia game itself, the levels were large and filled with interesting things to see and do.

The length of this game is long, longer than the actual game I would say and its also a tough Custom Story so be prepared to have your work cut out for you!

Overall I rate this game a 10/10 and I hope you have found this review to be useful, Doom2299 the games creator deserves a lot of praise for putting together this mammoth project!

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great mod. did a youtube lp of it. awesome features, good storyline, long , I hope he makes a part two!

Jun 15 2012 by gman9mm