The Specialists is an action mod created by Filippo "Morfeo" De Luca and Lorenzo "John_Matrix" Pasini, built on by a strong willed community and the first multiplayer game ever featuring slowmotion. The standards of the First Person Shooter still apply but are augmented by an intuitive stunt system, slow motion action, hand to hand combat and an array of melee weapons, customizable firearms, particle effects and the ability to play from a third-person camera.

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best multiplayer mod for Half Life without a doubt. So much fun. Amazing work and works like a charm.

Incredible mod. The mechanics have aged very gracefully; even matches against bots can be enthralling.

I love how fast paced this game is. This game is a work of art and I only now just found out about it. There's always at least 1-2 people in a server. If you get lucky, you might find over 10 players in a server. Most of the community are friendly to new people playing the game. It's definitely one of the best Half-Life mods, ever.


captainaplle says

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Very nice game,i really have fun playing this cool game,the movies,melee fight,the dual weapons and scoped weapons,the option buy atachaments t weapons is one nice idea,make the game fun,when you play cs,when are holding the m4a1,you doenst have the same motion than playing a m4a1 from ts,i personaly use m4a1+laser+flashlight+scope+silencer,i became a big killer on the map ts_bikini(i forgout the map name o.o)upside the roof,is a camping action,but on same time is a anti-camping action,i have sme few words to speak about this cool game,congraculations to the creators.


This mod is just too much damn fun! Sadly there are barely any players left...

From the time you first play it, you realize how cool this mod is. Has awesome keyboard features (slide, kung fu, high jump), lots of weapons, fun maps and play modes (last man standing, "the one"). Even play it with bots is cool. The characters for the player are nice and resembles a weapon specialist, to the extent that you would feel like a charachter of an action movie. Though, I think playing multiplayer is the real deal, I don't know how difficult is find a server these days.

It's a classic mod that is the first multi-player game that, introduced slow motion in it if you like Half-Life and The Matrix go play The Specialists very highly recommended.