18 BBY/2IY: Supreme commander of the Imperial Fleet, Lord Vader ordered the execution of Queen Apailana of Naboo on the charges of committing treason against the empire by harboring fugitive . The 501st was sent to eliminate her but the battle became a disaster the empire for a number of unexpected setbacks: On the land the 501st was shocked to see that the defenders of Naboo was leaded by their former brethren's from the from the famed Torrent company, the most veteran company of the 501st under the command of the traitors captain CT-7567 "Rex", the former second-in-command under Lord Vader. Under his command the Naboo defenders put up a deadly resistance and then lunched an even more deadly counterattack that drove them from the planet. In the bloody engagement, the 501st lost an entire battalion, entirely composed of veteran troops from the clone wars and Operation: Knightfall.

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Article detailing the RCA 14th Elite Clone Legion. This may or may not be subject to change...

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The RCA 14th Elite Clone Legion is a specialized division
with their own equipment separate from the other Clone Units of the RCA. They
operate independently and were created to tackle the vast number of Fett clones
that found their way into Imperial Special Forces divisions. Sanctioned by the
Prime Minister of Kamino; Lama Su, they are the Elite of the RCA's clone

The remnants of the Cuy'val Dar along with Clone Captain Rex and ARC Trooper Fives
are called in to train them.
They are however, are completely independent thinkers and are
considered as the legitimate successors of the Advanced Recon Commandos. They
utilize advanced armor and equipment that makes their training cost high, but
more than worth it to any RCA commander.

Hero units:

-General Rex

General CT-7567 nicknamed "Rex," was a clone trooper captain during
the Clone Wars. Rex was in command of Torrent Company, a unit of the famed
501st Legion in the Grand Army of the Republic. Rex served under Jedi General
Anakin Skywalker, and under his leadership became a freethinking, tough, and
aggressive trooper. Though loyal and committed to his duty and to his fellow
clones, Rex proved capable of questioning his superiors and, under extreme
circumstances, outright disobeying orders if he believed them to be wrong. The
most notable example of this, is his direct disobedience of Order 66. He and an
element of his torrent company assisted Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano to
escape from Felucia and fled to Tantooine. There they were contacted by Prime
Minister Lama Su to travel to Kamino and help them create a new breed of shock
troops. Rex spent time there training the 14th Elite Legion forces along with
the Cuy'val Dar and after their training was finished he was
promoted to General and was given command of the 14th Elite Legion by
Jedi Master of the Order Obi-Wan-Kenobi. A role the he proved to be very
capable at.

Abilities-Sprint, Thermal Detonator

-Colonel Echo
CT-21-0408 otherwise known as "Echo" is a former 501st Legion solder
and an ARC trooper. Grown and trained on the planet Kamino, he earned his
baptism by fire in the battle of Rishi moon, in which the Confederate General
Grievous invaded the moon to take control of the Republic listening post that
was guarding Kamino. After the battle, he was rewarded with medals for his
service on the Rishi moon and was inducted into the 501st Legion. He was later
promoted to ARC trooper for his efforts to help defend Kamino. During the mission
to the Separatist prison facility known as "The Citadel" he was presumed KIA. Echo
did indeed survive and traced his old commander and friend to the backwater planet
of Tatooine. He along with Rex trained the RCA troops to take the fight to the Empire.
Promoted to the rank of Colonel, he was given charge of the infantry division of the
14th Elite Legion.

Abilities- Cloak, Fire Grenade


Commando Rifleman

Shock Commando Riflemen excel in combating infantry and light armor. Armed with
a RFW-05 Plasma rifle that can cut down armored infantry with ease, they also
employ a ROL-08 under barrel Baradium grenade launchers which is equally
effective against large group of infantry and light armor. Their armor while
heavily protected features a bacta application system and a visual cloaking
system that, while can easily fool regular troopers, can be picked up by sentry
guns targeting system and elite infantry. All these capabilities combined with
their advanced training make them perfect for ambush and infiltration.

Cloak, Fire grenade

-Shock Commando Grenadier Squad

A specialized variant of the
troopers, the grenadiers utilize heavy weaponry for combating enemy armor.
Equipped with a ROL-10 Multiple ordnance launcher which is effective against
heavy armor and devastating against medium armor, they also carry a RFW-02
Plasma submachine gun which gives them moderate anti-infantry capability. Their
armor also features a visual cloaking system, allowing them to ambush enemy
units whilst achieving total surprise.

Abilities- Cloak, Fire grenade

-Shock Commando Officer

The Shock Commando Officers are officers within the Shock Commando Crops. Although Shock Commando troopers are regarded as the RCA's best soldiers, they too needed command and coordination,
and the Officers were trained to do just that. Highly intelligent and resolved
to secure victory at any cost, the Officers are among RCA's finest and most
elite solders, the elites among the elites. Armed with a Heavy pistol and an
armor the trades the visual cloaking system for a shield generator, they are
authorized to call in an air drop of two full squad of SS trooper at their
position, regardless if it is near a drop point or not.

Abilities- Take cover, Call reinforcements.

"Skirmisher" force application vehicle

MLV- 44 is a light Repulsorcraft used for its scouting and reconnaissance capacity. Normally
armed with a L-45 Multi-purpose plasma repeater, this Repulsorcraft also has a
light anti-armor, anti-air and a light troop transport variant. These
Repulsorcraft feature very light armor and relies on its speed and shield
generator to repel enemy fire.

Abilities- Power
to weapons.

(Yes the idea
originated from Halo M12 Warthog)


The Multi-Altitude Assault Gunship is an evolution of the LAAT series of gunships.
It has two forward firing plasma mortars and two air-to-air baradium missiles
for anti-air defence. They can take care of themselves and require little if no
escort allowing them to operate on their own, unlike the LAAT. This variant of
the MAAT also features a stealth generator, making it perfect for use by the
Shock Commandos.

Cloak, Deploy troops.

Orrays-Class Battle Tank

Named after the leathery-skinned reptilian creature found on Geonosis, the Orrays -Class
Battle Tank is one of the few armor of the SS that does not utilize a clocking
device. Instead it uses a strong shield generator to protect them from enemy
fire. Armed with 75mm Plasma accelerator and a repeating plasma blaster, this
thing is an even match for any medium armor enemy can field.

Power to weapons, switch weapons.

Space units-


-Fury-class multipurpose fighter:

Based on the MK VI Imperial Interceptor used by the Sith empire during the both great
galactic war, the Furry in is a is a vast improvement of the ancient fighter
featuring a Novaldex deflector shields, a SFS/REC I-s4a solar ionization
reactor, quad plasma accelerator and a modular ordnance bay, this fighter have
the speed and agility of an interceptor while retains the firepower and
protection of a fighter; making it a nightmare for any pilot who is fighting on
the other side.

Intercept (Increases speed and damage for a short period of time), Fire


-Hellfire-class gunship

Based on the Sith bomber used in the GGWs this bomber has little on agility and protection
but compensates for it by having a massive ordnance bay and an oversized engine
that make it impossible to intercept with anything but most advance
interceptor. That combined with is ability to cloak for a short period of time
lakes it a very effective hit and run star bomber.

Cloak (Will only last for 20 seconds), afterburner.

- Naginata-
class Stealth star destroyer

The Naginata class, while bearing a striking resembles to the great galactic war era sith
ships, are actually a complete new class of ships created specifically for the
SS. Featuring an array of oversized weapons, this kilometer long ships main
armament is its oversized Ion pulse warheads that can used to disable and
capture enemy ship. Its cloaking ability allows it to perform that tusk very

One squadron of Furry-class multipurpose fighter, one squadron Hellfire-class

Cloak, Boarding action

-Dagger-class Stealth frigate

The Dagger class is, like the Naginata, based on ancient Terminus-class destroyer used
by the Sith empire during the great galactic war. Boasting the firepower that
of a cruiser and the speed and armor that of a frigate, this frigates are
sometimes misclassified as a light cruiser by enemy commanders. That, coupled
with the fact this ships can clock, makes this ship a deadly ambush vessel.

One squadron of Furry-class multipurpose fighter, one squadron of
Hellfire-class gunship.

Cloak, jamming field.

Coming Soon, stay tuned!

P.S: If anyone wants to know how I got 14, it is simple. It is the ASCII values of
Shock and Commando added up, converted to binary and then all the binary digits


Have you added any of these units into the mod yet? I'm interested in the progress of these units :D Great job!

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CaptainFordo Author

Most of the infantry are coded in as well as one of the vehicles, but I am sorting out bugs atm....

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Okay, awesome!

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rkraptor70 Creator

Frodo, Fives is dead. We'll need to find a replacement.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Aw but fives is awesome :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

but he doesnt HAVE to be dead ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CaptainFordo Author

Screw that ****, its FanFic raptor, we can say that he wasn't shot by Fox or something....Unless you want Echo who has been confirmed by Filoni as alive...

Reply Good karma+1 vote
rkraptor70 Creator

I would like to stay loyal to the canon as possible (Note: I'm DO NOT count the new Star Wars: Rebels as canon, yet). So yeah CT-5555 will be replaced by CT-21-0408.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
CaptainFordo Author

Okay Echo it is then, I'll change the article and the model, not to mention the text entries...

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Wow these guys seam so bad ***, but who are the Cuvy'Dal? I cant find any reference to them anywhere.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CaptainFordo Author

The Mandalorians who trained the GAR's clone troopers...

Reply Good karma+1 vote
CaptainFordo Author

Its actually the Cuy'val Dar, a mistake on my part...

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Ok that makes sense. So are the 14th's ships piloted and crewed by just any clones or are the clones specifically bred for the 14th Legion?

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CaptainFordo Author


Reply Good karma+1 vote

Yeah, created.

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Niner Skirata
Niner Skirata

Which armor they will get ? And what color the legion will be ?

Btw, they were called >>Cuy'val Dar<< not Cuvy'dal

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CaptainFordo Author

Damn it I thought I changed that! Thanks...

Reply Good karma+1 vote
CaptainFordo Author

Think about what colour is associated with stealth and you will get a hint about the colour scheme...They will for the most part be using a model (mesh) of the phase 1.5...

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