I'm Jennings17soco and I am a huge star wars fan and the son of a comic book artist. I usually create mash up mods that have to do with the now Legends Expanded universe. I am always looking to learn new mod techniques and will give any help I can to other modders out there. I am a pretty fast coder when I get going. If you have any questions for me just hit me up, I always check MODDB frequently even if i cant do much.
Happy modding!

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The Return

Jennings17soco Blog

Well Everyone (or anyone since its been years since my last post and who knows if anyone pays attention to my page anymore)

Like I said above it has been a long time hiatus since I have really been active at all on Moddb. College really take up your time and modding and playing mods just doesn't fit into the scheduled. That being said have a new job a new computer and a desire to mod and play Empire at War: FOC again has brought me back.
It might take me awhile to figure things out again and remember what goes where in which XML blah blah bah technical stuff. But I am going to give it a shot again just no body hold there breath in case I drop of as fast as I came back.
star wars generations

Anyone that used to follow what I did before was aware of the kind of mods I did. For those that aren't if anyone is actually reading this.... I will fill you in.
Much of the modding I do is inspired by what I guess now is considered LEGENDS in the star wars franchise. (Piss off Disney) so don't expect to see that blue haired kid in rebels or singing ewoks. My source ideas come from Books like the original post trilogy series by Timothy Zahn-The Thrawn Trilogy (which we all know would have made a better trilogy than Force Awakens, Last Jedi, and whatever else they are gonna spit out)

thrawn trilogyxwing seriesrepub commandolegacy

That along with Karren Travis Republic Commando novels which are some of my favorites, and Michael Stackpoles X-Wing series and what I am currently working through The Legacy of the Force series. I highly recommend all of them starting the Zahns if you haven't.

So with this all in mind my mods are always after the fall of the republic and involve a split that occurs at order 66. Some clones join the empire, some clones refuse to turn and join the rebel alliance. (None of that inhibitor chip BS from the cartoon.) One problem that a lot of mods run into is they try and jam so much into the game without organizing it first. One thing I will gladly show anyone is how to fix this by adding in different factories and ship yards so your build bar is never cluttered and you cannot see the units at the end. An example being at Kuat you will be able to build the Kuat Drive yards which in turn will Unlock all star ships produced by the KDY (pay attention to the Star Wars Legends). This makes the strategy in Galactic Conquest mode much more intense. Only certain ships can be built by certain planets which will cause a greater sense of urgency to push forward as your enemy doesn't take advantage of your lack of certain capital ships or fighters. tie fighter

Examples of this off the top of my head are

Various special factories and barracks can also do this to cut down on infantry buildup on the build bar

This can also be done with commanders much like the dark troopers and the Arc Hammer. So where ever the commander is in orbit their troops are build able on the ground.

delta squad

Hopefully I will be able to pick everything up again quickly and I can start posting different screenshots and maybe tutorials for what I talked about above. I also play a lot of other Mod Authors creations and like to showcase off their hard work with credit always given to them. Any of the other mods I show off you should definitely check out and show your appreciation to them.

It's Good to be back and Happy Modding!


Whats up now

Whats up now

Jennings17soco Blog
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