My name is Jake Johansson. I was a normal person. In the year 1845, when I had 23 years, my best friend betrayed me and stole my girlfriend. In a fit of rage I killed my friend. Surprised of what I did, I ran into the woods, just thinking about what could happen to me. Police pursued me, when I saw something strange... Features Custom models made by me (A lot of them!) Re-Textured enemies Unique and self-made jumpscares (realistic ones) Original story Different endings A lot of custom textures Un-Expected flips in the story Different objectives and situations Very well treated lights, atmosphere, etc.

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Screenies from an outdoors map
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Not to seem rude or anything but the levels in this mod are looking exceedingly ugly. I think the levels in general will need re-working: the lighting is very bland; there aren't really any boxlights in your levels to create an ambient colour and there seems to be an over use of point lights. In some of the screenshots where there are obvious boxlights they're far too intense. There is a lack of depth - using fog will fill out the level and give it a nice colour tone. In this it seems you have used fog but the colour isn't consistent with the light grey boxlight you're using.

Fog zones and boxlights work together: they are used as an ambient colour tone, they're used to set the mood of the environment and compliment the lights used in it.

In this image here I see a very suspicious black artifact below the sky box behind the oversized rocks, I think a lot needs to be done to what you have so far. Your models need to be embellished or at least re-worked as they're just basic primitives with a texture on top of them and it just makes the mod look like no passion has gone into it.

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The skybox isn't mine, is from the Poisonous Custom Story.

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