You are a powerful hero to your people and they look to you for guidance and leadership. One day you hear of a chain of islands in the middle of the ocean and they are un inhabited except for a couple monsters. You are sent ou to claim the new land for your people to serve as a military outpost. You hear the islands are cursed though and once you get there, your doomed. Because of the rumors you are on your own and you set out on your ship in search for the islands. But a storm started raging on your voyage and you crashed onto the islands. Is this a mere coincedence, or the beginning of a curse. Take the role as 1 of 8 playable heros each unique with their own appearance and spells. Also you have the option to build towers and a unit production building when you have the resources. Every hero starts at the same spot to match the story but to stop utter chaos from breaking out right at the starting place you are invulnerable in the area until you are far away enough from the wrecked ship. This serves as a safety point whenever you want and serves as a resurrection spot. HEROS****Arch Angel Hell Overlord Dark Knight Golden Knight Treant Burning Legion General Wraith Sun Mage The island is full of traps and secrets to keep the game changing and make finding your enemies more difficult. There are Docks on each of the islands to get from island to island. But since there arent many and each Dock has a limited amount of boats at a time things might get crazy if you compete with other heros. Only 8 players are able to play this map, i did this because the map could overcrowd if you have more than 8 and it allows players to each have their own hero so theres not 3 wraiths and 6 treant heros or whatever. So far I have completed the heros and units and the triggers to allow the heros to be picked. Also this is my first try at making new triggered spells so they might be rough but i will be working on them to make them work the way they should. ***All the credit for the models and the map go to their respected owners***** The credit for making the game goes to me New Spells*******pick pocket- this spawns an item next to the hero that casted it and gets rid of an item on the targeted hero(this is all i can remember for now lol, but im not done making spells so ill post more as they come)

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Beta Test Part 1


As promised i have now released a beta for The Lost Islands map i have been working on all month. The map includes all the heros and their units and buildings. Transportation is also finished, some creeps have been added that respawn after a while. There are some random events as well but not all of them have been added but i am still working on them. I did manage to finish a variety of them, but mostly random creep spawns but there are some other ones that are more large scale or ones that you just wouldnt see coming. Since they are meant to be random they are kind of out of the way for some of them, so plz dont complain how you played and found barely any randoms. There are a couple random events that are a bit obvious but only because they were a bit large scale so i didnt want ppl getting swamped with randoms in the first few minutes. Some of the obvious ones could be used possibly to your advantage against other players or will be activated by rlly dumb players. But the random events arent the main idea so those were all done in like a week and may be a bit rough but not too bad. Have fun and enjoy. Plz comment on things that need to be improved. Dont say what needs to be added because im aware that this isnt 100% done but none of the randoms and speacials have anything missing thats needed to activate it so they should all work. I will not be able to work a whole lot on this map anymore once school starts (the 8th) but i will whenever i get the chance so dont think that this is gonna die out after today. After the first few weeks of school ill b able to work again, first year of high school so ill need to get into the swing of things again.

Almost Done!

Almost Done!


the time is almost here every1. Only a few more things to finish and the beta will be released probably before September 8th

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The Lost Islands Beta 1

The Lost Islands Beta 1


this is the first official beta for the Lost Islands map ive been working on. This has all the heros and units available so you dont have to worry bout...


Second Comment! download it its Great!

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Looks grate :-)

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