PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE MOD IN THE SUMMARY LINK! A Mod is inspired to recreate as faithful as possible each aesthetic, sound and chronological characteristics of the years of John Hammond's dominance with his company InGen to create the beloved Jurassic Park. The Park is Open.

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It has very good quality textures and the models are spectacular, but I would like it not to crash so much what makes it very difficult to play it, in my opinion the fact that it is not like the classic mods of "copy and paste in the original folder of the game makes it very unstable and easy to crash "I hope one day the creator can solve it so I can play it

*Mind Blown*


X4VI3R says

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What can I say?
This is EXACTLY how the game should always have been.
I'm extremely grateful to the dev team for this mod. I hope they can do something similar with JWE someday.


its good but it crashes a little to much..... i do see that you are trying to fix them..... also have you seen BestInSlot video he did about your mod?

Jurassic Park : Operation Genesis, possibly the best Jurassic Park video game of all time. Within all the nostalga that has been left behind 17 years ago, with its iconic dinosaurs, buildings, characters, and mostly the gameplay. And now, all of that nostalgia has been brought back from extinction, welcome to the Legacy Dream : Jurassic Park. This mod has changed every aspect of the game that we all know and loved and made it even better. This mod has brought all the dinosaurs and structures that were from the original trilogy. When i played this mod, i was astonished from all the efforts that this modder has put into this mod. Unlike any other mod, this mod changed every single menu, icons, and information that was in the game. I love every little reference and detail that was put into this mod and i enjoyed every but of it when i was building my own park. What i mostly like about this mod is the atmosphere of the mod, like when i was building the park in a tense jungle as it plays the iconic Jurassic Park songs by John Williams. It felt like i was playing a whole different game and it felt everything was right about the mod and felt everything was perfect. Even though i highly apperciate this person's efforts of this mod, it has some flaws such as like the new voicelines are ok when your getting a message from someone and i do love hearing jp3 satalite phone, but the voicelines for Garry Harding and the Park Ranger didnt sound like the characters and it aggrivated me when i constantly hear the voicelines. Also i don't like it that the velociraptors keep killing each other for no reason at all. And finally, the game will crash at sudden times and i would lose my progress but that overshadows of how great this mod is and i do have to say that the T-rexes in the mod are the best looking rexes that i ever saw.

In conclusion, this mod will not disoppoint you fans at all and i HIGHLY recommend this mod and I recommend Jurassic Park : Operation Genesis for Jurassic Park fans out there. This mod is the best Original Trilogy mod that ive ever played and possibly, the best JPOG mod of 2019.

Now, go back and finish what John Hammond has started.

Welcome To The Legacy Dream : Jurassic Park


DFDM says

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cool. :)


rSlade says

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Great job. Waiting for an alternative version without buffs that ruin game balance.


This mod is awesome. It has the feel of Jurassic Park on everything it has. The trees, fences, buildings, dinosaurs... Everything is in the style of Jurassic Park, i love it.


Great work amazing!


The attention to detail in this mod is excellent. Some of the dinosaurs are a bit stretchy which does detract from the mod. For those experiencing crashing despite replacing the SimJP.exe, attempt replacing the sky texture files + park crowding is caused by the tunnel mod; in tunnel.inx there is a line Capacity = xx; change the number to something insanely high or try removing it entirely

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