In this mod you have to pick 4 items from the big cast of items. Then enter the teleporter. These items can get you a win in the house, or no win. Good Luck...

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The Item Roster



This article will tell about all items in the mod so far, this is useful because there are plenty of items and you might need to know where to use them, determining whether it is good enough to bring on your adventure of 4 items.

Complete Roster so far:

Crowbar: 4 uses.

Key Card: Lock cards are better. 2 uses.

Blue key: 2 uses

Yellow Key: 1 use (WOW THATS BAD.)

Red Key: 1 use (AGAIN BAD)

Green Key: 2 uses

White Key: 1 use (but that is on the basement door.) (There is two of this item.)

Gold Key: 1 use (BAD?!?!?!)

Doll House Key: 1 use

Car Key: 1 use.

Lock pick (There are 2 of this item.) however many locks there are XD

Shovel: 1 use

Hand Wheel: 0 uses (WTH USELESS!!!)

Wrench: 1 use

Flashlight: Cant be calculated.

Binoculars: Cant be calculated.

Alarm Clock: Cant be calculated.

Seed: Nope

Watering Can: Cant be calculated.

Magnet Gun: 0 uses

Green Gramophone: useless.

Red Gramophone: 1 use

Umbrella: useless.

Rifle: Awesome.

Pills: pointless.

Lock Card: Can be used on any lock or terminal.

Golden Key Card: Used to open basement.

Hammer: just in case you didnt bring the Crowbar.

More to come..


I can't wait until this releases! So its basically like mini games in hello neighbor, isn't it?

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Waysneighborgo Creator

kinda, this draft is early, i might add more challenging houses, more custom items and more. cause there are custom items. (lockcard)

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where is teh file?

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Waysneighborgo Creator

None yet, its not out.

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