The Haunted is a fast paced thirdperson horror-action game with focus on a intense multiplayer experience that is all about making a stand and liberating cursed places from the minions of evil. The game features several multiplayer modes such as coop or demons .vs. humans, where enemies are spawned and controlled by players. The outstanding visuals lay a perfect tone for the gameplay.

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Sep 13 2009 Anchor


I recently found this cool mod thanks to the makesomethingunreal-contest. I really like it, good job. Haven't been able to play the multiplayer part yet but the next little lan party will come for sure.

Now I'd like to create a new map or two - to get better with UrealED and because this mod deserves it. I already created a little test map and was surprised by how easy it was to make it compatible to The Haunted. :) (Though I still don't know how to prevent enemies from spawning at specific points)

Now I thought I'd ask you where you would like to be attacked by minions of evil. Got any nice ideas? Please provide some pictures, too. The only idea I currently have is a graveyard.

I doubt I'll reach the graphical quality of the maps that came with the mod but mediocre looking additional maps are better than no additional maps at all. :)

Mr. Wonko

Sep 14 2009 Anchor

I have made a few maps for ut3, if you want some help go to Kcin228's channel on you tube. And check this site out:

i haven't got this mod...but if I do i would like to make maps for it.

Sep 15 2009 Anchor

I don't really need help on using the Unreal Editor (just some more practice) I'd just like to hear your ideas for new levels.

Most of the time people have those super cool ideas in their head but have no idea how to make a level. My ideas so far are graveyard, ruined city (think Gears of War), creepy Factory (Gears of War, too :P ) and shopping mall.

Sep 15 2009 Anchor

I know I'm working on a map for ut3 where it is ctf and you are in a shipment yard...where there are loads of big crates stacked up high. There are chain link fences to block off the exits with big cranes and roads and a massive ocean with a ship or two in the backround.

This might be good for zombie survivial. I plan on it being close quarters....but i still havent gotten this mod (will this weekend) but once i do i would like to make some maps for it(if i like it).

I have an idea looking at the mod..i know of the map stronghold.

I think a map where four human players start in a fort and have to fend against big hordes of zombies coming from outside would be great.
The zombies could maybe break down a gate..or climb a few ladders around walls. No back doors or anything though.
The fort would be something like this....

............[ ]
............[ ]

the zombies would come from three sides..mainly from the front towards the gate.
The fourth side would be placed inside mountains or hanging over cliff or something.
Now the castle would be small, maybe with about 3 rooms and a small tower just above the height of the normal walls for sniping or whatever, with stairs or ladder inside going up.

It would be small because the 4 players would have to work together to defend well...if they don't they will be overrun.
Now, just in case they suck and they are overrun, there should be two entrances, one in fort castle courtyard and other in a room, these entrances would lead to an underground area, with about 13 rooms and a few hallways, it would be a storage/barracks are. The players would have to hold out here.
However if they get overrun again!

There could be a single ladder that leads down to a few rooms and a dead end, the ladder would be in one of the rooms in area beneath castle.
this would be their final stand and it would be very cramped. So that it would seem as though the zombies are flooding the hallways.

Well that's what i got hope you like it.

Sep 19 2009 Anchor

i have an idea:
Shool like in Silent Hill
alot of chains, blood, doors and dead bodies...

if u gonna make it don't forget about cellar :P

Sep 20 2009 Anchor

i've heard about maps like bayou, howcome i can't find these in my game?

Sep 25 2009 Anchor

megamanxxx wrote: i've heard about maps like bayou, howcome i can't find these in my game?

I just found out: Bayou is available here
I thought about creating a dark map where you actually need the flashlight but it seems that playermodels can't be darker than a certain value...

Sep 25 2009 Anchor

yea i found bayou after i posted that. played few times on it, a decent map actually. i noticed the map doesn't spawn any bats though. odd.

Dec 13 2009 Anchor

maps that fit the demonhunters scenario

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