You are a secret agent of the old British Paranormal organisation known as "The Queen's Hand". You were sent to investigate an old rectory in Essex, the Borley rectory. The village of Borley lies on the River Stour, two miles north-west of Sudbury in Suffolk and 24 miles north-east of Chelmsford in Essex. It is said, that the rectory has a stairwell that seems to be haunted. It is up to you to investigate this case. Enjoy and let me know what do you think about it!

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Humeba says

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It was too short! I loved the idea of this one. A much longer one with rooms off the stairwell would be great.

Very much potential and very good scares.

BUT - way to short. ;)


Good idead but no bueno


I liked it that there wasn't any confusion where to go.

soo short


Shadowfied says

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Horrible. Just..completely horrible. The mapping is a complete joke and an insult to the very easy to use HPL Level Editor. The map is full of overlapping and flickering objects and textures.

You can skip every single script area in the stairwell by jumping over the rails, and I can't believe how this could be released without adding block boxes there. That would be one of the first things I would do if I were making this map. If you do jump over the rail at the last stair you will get stuck in a script area where the player just turns around and you have to start over by exiting. If you do not make it inside the script area when getting chased by the brute towards the end you will respawn and be stuck inside the first room, again forcing you to restart.

2/10, barely deserves that.

Awesome custom story. Very Scary :D


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