Story: James - 30th year physicist from New York. Today he's got a long-waited letter and preparing for his first trip across the ocean. Wouldn't it be last trip in his life? Language: English, Russian

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Really decent one and intriguing. Has potential, decent mapping, a lots of good scares and customized monsters make's this mod worth of eight.

Feckin great custom story. A half an hour-1 hour experience (longer even), you'll be exploring a huge story with detailed maps, some great lore, custom monsters and lots to explore. I will admit I wasn't so sure what to do at the dog part so I just barrel clipped through the lion door, and then barrel clipped again into the elevator, haha, I probably bypassed quite a bit doing that. A very wholesome story, with a wholesome ending, give it a shot. :) There'll be problem solving involved in this story as well, nothing obscenely difficult.


HappyMatt12345 says

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I played this a while back, and I feel I owe it a review

Level Design: 8/10
pretty normal levels. Standard dungeons and corridors for the most part, but well designed and there were a few locations that I had never seen in a custom story before.

Puzzles: 7/10
the puzzles were challenging, however, they were easy to get stuck on if you didn't pay attention, I honestly got stuck on the puzzle, when the player had to break doors to find a key to the lab, for god knows how long.

Scare Factor: 10/10
I RARELY GIVE THIS HIGH OF A RATING but this custom story was amazing in terms of scare factor. I noticed that there were a-lot of subtle details that subconsciously freaked you out, without you even knowing why you were scared. Oddly enough, to kind of put myself in the mindset for this, and to kinda get a true idea of what I was going to say here, I actually replayed the first hour or so of this custom story. Nice use of shadows as well, the majority of this custom story was the use of shadows to tell the story, and subtle details that scared me.

Overall grade(based on average of the scores listed above): 8.3/10, so yea, basically 8/10

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GREAT ... !

This fine custom story offers a unique experience. This is no regular custom story. No complex story, but in this CS the storyline doesn't really matter. This one's overflowing with originality. Damn great work!

Very good. Although the story in this mod is almost none existent, everything comes together in the end. The environments are original and well deigned and the atmosphere and scares are well executed as well.

This is a really cool mod that was well made and had some good features and unique ideas.

I really enjoyed this mod! it really scared me quite some times. It didn't have any cheap jumpscares like those teleporting naked people just flying right at your face. And I don't know how you managed to do it, but you actually got models for different monsters in the game without it being a full conversion mod! The story was really great too. It wasn't the basic ''you wake up in a castle and you don't know why you're here, so let's go and explore this castle'' story. The only thing I wonder is why it's called 'The Grey Eagle'? Because that wasn't clear too me. Anyway really good Custom story! Keep up the good work!


FearTheButcher says

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The first thing I would like to say is thank you to the author for the fast and efficient help when I requested it. I was unable to do the dog area due to a bug. Once we got that problem addressed I was finally able to finish my LP.

This custom story had some very unnerving atmosphere. The level design was unique and had some interesting transitions, such as travelling through an Iron Maiden in a prison to come out from another in a completely different outdoor environment. The train area was a nice touch too, and definitely not anything I had expected. Keep making stories man, and I'll keep playing em.

Lastly I just want to say I agree with the majority call here on an anti-climatic ending, but other than that a quality cs and one definitely worth a playthrough.

amazing game overall....was a little disappointed in the ending...

Awesome mod!
It has so much! Good story, amazing level design, scary and funny monsters, good scares, nice puzzles. Sometimes it was a bit chaotic and you had just no idea where you where or where you were going. But in the end you would find your way again and advance further in this adventure. Enjoyed it very much! 9/10

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