The Great Forever Tomorrow is the second project by Kiwi Productions. It requires Half Life 2 Episode 2 to play. It is a singleplayer adventure through a surreal underground fortress. Features: *Original textures, complete with normal mapping. *Original voice acting and music. *Two new guns! *A story that makes sense (i.e. better than what Gateways, our first project, had). *A variety of gameplay (more than just combat). *Surreal and over the top environments.

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The level of creativity is astonishing. All the the colors, the music, those new guns and the level design. The adrenaline injection is amazing.
I started it, played right through to the end, and time went by flying.


This mod is one of those especial exentric creatures in HL 1 and 2 modding. I mean the textures speak for themselves once u are in this mod, and that’s maybe the most seductive and great part of it…, you are in a strange exotic world, where u will found combat and keen puzzles.

I think some people really hate colorful textures but i like them because they are atractive, they create an exotic enviromental experience the whole process, this is also perfect for get out of the classic rutine of grey-like CMB environments.

This mod is to have fun and shoot ennemies in the combats u will find in there, if is for the combat, at least this mod won’t disappoint you, because there is a well ammount of it in there.

Anyway, this is maybe a so lovely mod, because is that great exentric creature in HL2 world, allows you to get away from the rutine and play in cool crazy envrionemnts, but allways with a warranty of combat and entertainment all of the way.

I ask Kiwi to release another mod PLEASE!!!

A laughable attempt at a philosophical brain-teaser, The Great Forever Tomorrow combines outstanding visuals and unbelievably creative level design with horrible voice acting, annoying false moralism, and an absolutely intolerable difficulty curve.

The game has amazing visuals, amazing environments, amazing puzzles, and an amazing soundtrack to accompany it. But the entire game falls apart once you factor in the trite voice acting, downright infuriating placement of enemies, and incredibly forced symbolism. The beginning of the game is amazing, however by the second half you'll want to blow your brains out. The creativity and ingenuity of the game's mechanics all fall apart when it succumbs to the most basic of all fanmade content tropes, spamming enemies and incomprehensible plot.

The developers attempted to make a thought provoking piece of art, however they seemed to have forgotten that to make something thought-provoking, you need a purpose, put simply: you need to make a point. This game shoves obvious metaphors and falsely moralistic dialogues (which, again, are terribly voice acted) down the player's throat in a desperate attempt to appear profound. But Aristotle did not become a famed philosopher by merely saying "Harumph, life sure does suck sometimes." Simply spamming nihilism does NOT make your game a philosophical masterpiece, neither does naming the centerpiece of the entire game "Prometheus".

The game's one point in terms of plot is essentially that humanity is bad and we should feel bad. And it is such a ******* shame that all the effort that was clearly put into this mod is rendered null by this one swoop of vexatious laziness! I hate the fact that I have to hate this mod! It had so, SO much potential, and honestly, remove the terrible voice acting and all the forced symbolism, and you have a very creative mod!

But, as it stands now, The Great Forever Tomorrow is like Mount Everest — incredible to look at, but unbearable to go through.


A very great fun mod of Half-life 2, It even permits itself to do an End Boss Fight! I must admit I finish it 5 times.


"It was the best of mods, it was the worst of mods, it was a mod of wisdom, it was a mod of foolishness, it was the game of belief, it was the game of incredulity, it was the game of Light, it was the game of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the Great Forever Tomorrow was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only." - Charles Dickens, paraphrased

Awesome, crazy fun. Better than typical G Freeman/ kill Combine mods.

I think I liked Gateways better, but still a great mod.




Theevina says

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I LOVE surrealist mods that try new things, but I will have to agree with others that this one could have had a little improvement in some areas. I was confused about the end (even though surrealist mods always confuse me) and some of the areas, like the reflective neon-colored walls were repeated in a lot of places. Also, at the end there was a batte that was very hard even on easy level. Even with the crazy powerful weapons given it's still hard to mow down a few hundred enemies all shooting at you at once. It was a crazy slaughterhouse.

Stylish, awesome, OTT and above all, tons of fun! :D

This is one mod you shouldn't pass up!

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