This mod provides five campaigns for you to play that allow you to play as the flood using assets from some other halo mods. The campaigns are release, recuperation, infestation, vitriol, and decay which is the shortest and not yet finished. These campaigns puts you in the shoes of a couple combat forms showing the story of the flood spreading throughout the ring. Release takes place in the swamp facility where the covenant originally released the flood. You will have to fight out of the facility dealing with the covenant and humans that eventually come to the facility. Recuperation is set in the library after masterchief had decimated the floods forces getting the index, you play as the flood slowly renewing their numbers using a covenant task force sent to retrieve the icon. Infestation is the story of the flood that crashed the spirit from the swamp directly into a hanger bay on the truth and rec, be part of the initial infestation and watch as your horde grows in number.

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EpicSonic15 says

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This mod has gotten a lot of reviews, and i'll say this: this mod has a lot of work put into it. And i mean A LOT.


Getволкed says

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Overall really fun to play, would love to see more updates to this awesome mod in the future as well as more bonus levels or something similar!

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