The year is 1859 A.D. On the outskirts of London, one of the wealthiest men in the country, Edward Hume has gone missing. His wife Katelyn has hired you to find him. You have just arrived at their Estate to search for clues of Mr Hume's whereabouts.

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Very polished, unfortunately, i got stuck on combining the acid with the vinegar. I don't understand if you were supposed to combine them in a very specific place, but I just gave up after trying a few places, which is a shame, because this story is actually really well made from my time playing it, could use some more music, but that's about it.


Ramms says

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Nice setting, but it's just a demo )=


Too bad this was just a demo, I would loved to see the full story.


StevenTasiopulos says

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The story was so good.I really want to no more about the characters,wish you would finish it.

So good and creative.

I was so immersed and the atmosphere was terryfing.

|Level Design|:
This is the only thing that i didn't enjoy from this masterpiece.Not that it is bad but the fact that this generic L.D is in this particular Mod,it bugged me.

Really got creeped at at the cellar when there was no music played until the monster popped.Good job.

|Scary Aspect|:
It didn't had any cheap scares and i was creeped out the whole way through.

Wish it had more.There was so potential in this MOD.

For your first time i say you deserve a 9 my friend.

|Voice Acting|:

Wish it was longer and a complete CS.


TroHea says

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Don't know if you'll read this but man this was awesome! Please don't let this mod die and finish the story I would really appreciate it!

It's a shame we can only play a demo. This custom story had a good potential.


kiddi says

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thank you

Very good!!!

I think it was quite good there was good scares and a fair bit of detective work here. Although to short to really give me a good enough impression of what its all about.

I liked playing as a detective, its just the whole thing about there being 'a monster' again *sigh I know its Amnesia but there doesn't have to be a monster all the time. Searching ones own inner demons or prying into someones elses like a detective would, can be a adventure of its own. You can put in false scares like a ceiling collapsing, a rat biting you :D..

One of the best custom stories i've played. I liked the consept alot. Sadly it was very short. and not ''completed'' it was also scary and there is no cheap scares. and the custom story actually made some sence, even the scares made sence, which most of the custom stories does not do. Please do more custom stories, or continue on this on. Frictional games really liked this one too.

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