'The Deluge' is a multiplayer mod set in 17th century Europe. It offers historically accurate factions, troops and equipment, many improvements to gameplay and tactics, tons of new models/textures, a lot of unique features (eg. animated flora and banners, cannons, galeons, boats and ferries, building defences) and much, much more...

Report RSS The Deluge 0.552 patch ready!

The Deluge 0.552 patch have been released.Check list of changes for more details.

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Patch 0.552 is available for download at our website and in downloads section.

List of changes 0.55->0.552:
- Upgraded to WSE 2.7.0
- Fixed problems with Steam version
- Fixed broken Duel
- Fixed broken banners when dropping
- Fixed some other stuff

List of changes 0.54->0.55:
- updated to newest WSE version

-changed stats of long firearms
-Janissary and Solak got some more sabres
-Cossack Peasant gets more weak muskets
-Swedes don’t have polish horses anymore
-Swedes don’t have Arquebusier anymore
-Swedish and Polish Reiters can buy short arquebuses
-Changes in Swedish troops
-Changes in Polish troops
-Ottoman engineer can’t ride horse anymore
-Dragoons should be faster while mounted now
-First two invasion waves of Swedes have been nerfed

- you no longer have to connect to server twice to start playing
- Duel game type enchanced with ranking system (points and statistics are stored on each server)
- player stats logging system added. Stats can be viewed by typing “/stats” in the chat
- weather have influence on bow shooting speed and arrow speed/range
- weather have influence on speed and maneuver of horses
- “no attack through walls” blockade added also to human players
- riders will fall of a horse, if that horse will be called by it’s owner
- musket reloading system redone. Should work better now.
- fixed frag counting on Duel (frags were ignored if you killed player from the same faction)
- fixed throwing knives and daggers
- “charge order” removed from some of the weapons (like estocks)
- fixed banners and long weapons not disappearing after round change
- fixed those trees, bushes and objects, which were acting strange
- increased max possible round time
- other small fixes

List of changes 0.53->0.54:
- fixed flora shaders
- added shaders for heraldic banners and hussar lances

-new unit for each faction – standard bearer
-hussars get polish horse and red gloves
-Chosen infantry gets weak musket
-added some boots for polish engineer
-military picks removed from Registered Cossack, bows added
-military picks for Rezun
-added lances for Deli
-better bow for Gonullu + default bow
-heavy armors for arquebuzer
-fixed helmets for musketeer
-better firearms for Segban
-fixed riding bug for Segban and Solak
-azab now has weak musket
-cossack peasant now has weak musket
-polish mercenary nerfed a little
-higher prices for armors (not clothes)
-higher prices for heavy turkish horses
-added buńczuk
-swedish and scottish armors sorted

- added heraldic personal and faction banners
- added some new animations for standard bearers
- added “order charge” animation (only when on horse and using onehanded weapon) – key X
- fixed musket reload animation after misfire
- some new stuff in Mod Options (like setting any button for circular menu or special ability)
- added “set_troop_limits” dedicated server command for easy setting/turning off troop limits (doesn’t work for engineers and standard bearers
- many fixes in scripts

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