The highly acclaimed Crusader Kings 2 Mod "The Commune of Rome". The Commune of Rome was a republic that rose up in Rome in the mid 12th century. They succeeded in kicking the Pope out of Rome (with the aid of the HRE) and ruled it for several years before it lost the HRE's support, and thus it's existence. But what if it hadn't. In answering that question this mod does more than simply rectify the historical error of not including the Commune (there are rather a lot of errors like that in Italy, but that is a problem for another day). We have created an alternate route to the Roman Empire, but along a historical path.

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Finally the new release of the higly acclaimed Crusader Kings 2 Mod is ready! You have waited a lot but finally we are keeping some us promises. See the change log for more informations.

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  1. The Western Roman Empire is formable
  2. After the formation of S.P.Q.R. you get the possibility to rebuild the Colosseum
  3. After the rebuilt of the Colosseum you get the possibility to restore the Gladiators Fights and then you should get a lot of flavor events: to rule a ludos, to become a gladiator yourself, to put money on gladiator fights and so on...
  4. After the formation of S.P.Q.R. you get the possibility to create a special vassalized mercenary group called.... "Legionaries"
  5. After the restoration of the Western Roman Empire you get a new decision "The Pact of Lateran" to try to vassalize the Pope peacefully
  6. The Praetorians are also formable
  7. Added Neapolitan, Corsican, Sardinian, Tuscan, and Lombard cultures
  8. Changed every Italian province to one of the above culture
  9. Changed the culture of every Italian ruler in the Commune of Rome bookmark
  10. The Basilica of Constantinople is renamed "Basilica of Hagia Sophia" / "Basilica di Sancta Sophia" and other names (Santa Sofia, Sancte Sophie, ...)
  11. The ruler of "The Commune of Rome" and in general any Ducal level title of Roman culture is a Patrician as it was historically.
  12. The ruler of the Houses have now the title of "Pater Familias" (sadly being an HRE vassal they are shown sometimes as Patricians... it is not coherent mind you!)
  13. In general the mod should be more easily integrable with other mods
  14. The .mod file is renamed without spaces so the launcher remembers it (and so we have not a "13" as last point

When I choose to rebuild the Colosseum, I usually get an event a few months later saying somehing about a snag delaying consruction. I choose to pay the 100 gold to keep it on schedule. Then it pops up again and again, and it doesn't stop until my characer dies. Maybe fix this? Thank you. I like the mod, by the way.

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