RELEASED! You, Abraham, and your father Edward were never close. You just recently started living in his estate located in northern europe, against your wishes. You never wanted to re-connect with your father after he left you when you were very young. You moved to his mansion after your house mysteriously caught on fire, leaving none of your belongings intact. Edward was your only option. With each day that you spend in your father's mansion, you realize how secluded he really is. He works in the privacy of his study, only coming out for food. One morning, you wake up with a letter on your desk. It is from the Clockman.

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I really loved the lighting in this mod along with the atmoshperic sounds all around me and the sounds when the monsters spawned was damn tense, loved the design of all the maps as well!

I only wish it was a little longer other that that it was very well done!

Short but very good story.

Simple and atmospheric. The story is not over the top, but intriguing. The levels are clean. Immersion is almost absolute. Some of the maps were just beautiful.


Naviii says

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The mod is fun, It is sadly short but I enjoyed the level designs in it, they didn't get old, there wasn't really any difficult puzzles if there was any, I just followed where it wanted me to go and broke a window and flipped 1 switch and done. The monster encounters were too much for such a short story, every time you made progress there was a monster after you, it was scary the first time and a bit the 2nd time but after that I knew there would be a monster. The story and ideas were really creative however and I enjoyed the story, However the ending could have used work since it was just like "Oh Yeah I killed your father so now I'll kill you" Overall 7/10. Decent but fun.



Pretty spooky kinda wish it was longer.


Kadilanaftis says

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Short and sweet custom story with well-detailed and neat environments. Also I liked the idea of a time lord called Clockman.

It's great to see how much you improved since the first mod i've played from you. Nice, yet somewhat simple design, well separated maps (even on my old computer i could play this with stable fps), good ideas, well used custom content. A bit missed potential puzzle and story-wise, although considering how much time was spent on creation, this is a solid 8 from me. I still have one mod left to play from you, but based on this i hope you'll also return to make a new one when you feel like it in the future :)

I haven't played Amnesia in months and this is the first thing I installed & played! It was really good, looking forward to more custom stories from you.

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