The story chronicles the city of Philadelphia, USA in the days following the events of City 17. This project will be distributed for free and released incrementally in chapters, though the first release will contain the first 2 chapters. Only owners of Half-Life 2 will be able to play it (an installation of Steam and HL2 is required).

RSS Progress Update!

The latest word on the The Battle of Philadelphia's progress from vecima!

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A Progress Update quoted from vecima's post on the forum...

Just to keep everyone updated:

The first map of The Battle of Philadelphia is very nearly finished. All that remains is tweaking a few scripts and choreo scenes, and ironing out some optimization.

The second map requires more scripting work, but the geometry is also very nearly done, if not complete.

Those two maps make up chapter one. All together, I would estimate that chapter one is roughly 80% complete. Keep in mind though, that these still need to be beta tested, and as such, might undergo further changes. We'll hopefully start our beta testing soon.

Also don't forget to visit us at the forums! Go to

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