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The Long Night has come,The Systems Common Wealth, the greatest civilization in history has fallen. But now one ship, one crew, fowed, to drive back the night and rekindel the light. On the Star Ship Andromeda, Hope Lives Again.

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Here is a list of weapons for the next release of the mod.

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So, as you probally already know, I've had several weapons from Andromeda lined up. Im going to list the ones I have already and the ones coming. Each weapon will have a detailed information.

In Game

Point Defense Laser (PDL'S)- A Point Defense Laser, or PDL is a standard weapon on every ship. They are all pretty much the same. The only variance is different ships have different types, brands, and strength. The purpose of the PDL is to shoot down in-coming missles before they sink a shot on your ship. Andromeda in-game comes equipped with 7 PDL's.

Nova Bomb- The Nova Bomb is the most devastating weapon in the Common Wealth Fleet. Its a standard weapon among the Glorious Heritage Class Heavy Cruisers and Seige Class Destroyers (also known as DMX'S). The nova bomb is very powerful. A single Nova bomb could destroy a planet. The Glorious Heritage Class Cruisers are able to hold up to 40 Nova Bombs. It is unknown how many a Siege Class Destroyer can hold.

Soon to Come

Point Singularity Weapon- The Point Singularity weapon is one of the most devastating weapons in existence. In the season 1 finale, The Andromeda comes across the Magog World Ship and it fires its Point Singularity Weapon and easily puts 2 holes in the main part of the ship. It left Andromeda defenseless and off-line and everyone in command was thrown around by th impact and hurt. This weapon is not something to play with; it can easily destroy any ship and you cannot dodge it. Inaccurate to small ships.

Anti-Gravity Cannon- Like the Point Singularity Weapon this is not something to play around with and I recomend not coming up against a ship that has one. It is just as strong as the PSW but doesn't require as much power. And instead of firing a laser, it uses anti-gravity particles and creates a massive wave of sorts. This weapon also did much damage to Andromeda. It put a hole right through Harper's engineer room before Andromeda even had a chance to act. Only three of these cannons have been seen by the crew of Andromeda.

Kinetic Missiles- These are the main weapons among High Guard Battleships. The Kinetic Misssle is pretty powerful. It is able to tear apart any ship that lets down her guard. How many missile tubes depends on the type of ship. The Glorious Heritage Class Cruiser's are armed with 40 missile tubes. Seige Class Destroyers are armed with 125 missile tubes.


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