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The Long Night has come,The Systems Common Wealth, the greatest civilization in history has fallen. But now one ship, one crew, fowed, to drive back the night and rekindel the light. On the Star Ship Andromeda, Hope Lives Again.

I need Modelers, Textures, and Coders. All help will be greatly appreciated.

Pax Magellanic:0%
Balance Of Judge Ment:0%
Slipstream Fighter:writing100%
Mogog World Ship:writing100% .
Mogog Swarm fighter:0%
Nietzcheans Battle Crusier:writting, 100%


Arzawa II
Brandenburg Tor
Diphda V
Dyhedra III
Earth (will be Sol in Game)
Enga's Redoubt
Hephaistos IV
Infinity Atoll
Krrendar IV
Machen Alpha
Makrai VII
New Krrendar
Schopenhauer's World

These are in 2.001B

New Factions
The Systems Common Wealth
High Gaurd
Tech Police
Corrupt Collectors
Corrupt Systems Common Wealth
Freetrade Alliance
All other original systems are still acssesable through the , Omicron Alpha, and Leeds Jump holes in the Andromeda System.


So as you probally already now ive had several weapons from Andromeda lined up. Im going to list the ones i have already and the ones comeing. Each weapon will have a detailed informaiton.

In Game

Point Deffense Laser (PDL'S)- A Point Deffense Laser, or PDL is a standered weapon on every ship. They are all pretty much the same. The only varrence is diffrenet ships have diffrenet types brands, and strength. But they are basicaly the same. The purpase of the PDL is to shoot down in-coming missles before the sink a shot on your ship. Andromeda in game comes aquiped with 7 PDL's.
Nova Bomb- The Nova Bomb is the most devestating weapon in the Common Wealth Fleet. Its a Standered weapon among the Glorious Heritage Class Heavy Crusiers and Sieage Class Destroyers ( also known as DMX'S). The nova bomb is very powerful. A single Nova bomb could destroy a planet. The Glorious Heritage Class Crusiers are able to hold up to 40 Nova Bombs. It is unknown how many a Sieage Class Destroyer can hold.

Soon to Come

Point Singlurity Weapon- The Point Singlurity weapon is one of the most devastaing weapons in excistence. In the season 1 finale, The Andromeda comes across the Magog World Ship and it fires its Point Singlurity Weapon and easily puts 2 holes in the main part of the ship. It left Andromeda deffenseless and off-line and everyone in command was thrown around by the impact and hurt. This weapon is not something to play with, It can easily destroy any ship and you cannot dodge. Inacurite to small ships.
Anti-Gravity Cannon- Like the Point Singlurity Weapon this is not something to play around with and i recomend not coming up aginst a ship that has one. It is just as strong as the PSW but doesnt require as much power. And instead of fireing a laser, it use Anti Gravity particals and creates a massive wave of sorts. This weapon also did much damage to Andromeda. It put a hole right through harpers engineer room before Andromeda even had a chance to act. Only three of these cannons have been seen by the Crew of Andromeda.
Kentic Missles- These are the Main wepons among High Gaurd Battleships. The Kentic Missle is pretty powerful. It is able to tear apart any ship that lets down her gaurd. How many missle tubes depends on the type of ship. The Glorious Heritage Class Crusier's are armed with 200 missle tubes. Sieage Class Destroyers are armed with 125 missle tubes.

We are currently still under construciton. Please forgive us for any inconviences.

New Website here-

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After 7 months of being dormant, the mods returning. And bring Andromeda back in full and shineing glory.

Its true. The mod has been quite dormant for awhile. But i plan to change that. I have reworked my model of Andromeda, makeing it quite more powerful with more harpoints. And now with a full more exoanded knowledge of Gene Roddenberrys Andromeda, i cna now do things more accuritly. Hopefully with this, i will be able to teach myself how to do the .DLL strings, that will clear up all the name problems in the mod. Also, there should be some new models in the game if i can help it.

I cant make any promises. Ill probally be doing this alone. Hell, atleast Dylan had a crew. But im still going to try. Ill be working on the mod here and there through out the rest of the school year when ever i have free time. And when summer break arrives. I would like to kick into full production. That would be truely amazing.

I call upon any team members who would like to work on this, as well to anyone who likes the mod or likes Andromeda, and would like to help. This would be greatly appreciated.

With some of the slight work. I should have some new media up shortly. I hope.

With best regards,
CKYRules- Captian of the Andromeda Ascendant

New Website

New Website


The Common Wealth mod Studios Gotta new Website. Come and Check it out.

Common Wealth Fourms

Common Wealth Fourms


The Common Wealth Fourms are now, officaly........

The Common Wealth Mod 2.1

The Common Wealth Mod 2.1


Read up on all the new information about the next new and up comeing realse from the Common Wealth Mod Studio..

The Common Wealth Mod 2.001B

The Common Wealth Mod 2.001B

News 3 comments

This well be a small realse to show you what version 2.01B will hold.

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Hi All! Help my find IP & port server mod Freelancer The Andromeda Experiment. Help my! My email

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Where can I download just the ship?

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I have tested yours Mod ` s, systems on a place, and here the ships, the equipment and fractions in game is not present... Probably they are incorrectly connected. We will understand. Communicate with me on mail lex_corp3000@com, there is a pair of ideas.

Yours faithfully, administration

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Hi, I was very much interested by your mod`s for freelancer, we too are going to do mod Andromeda. It would be desirable to learn, the project is still live?

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Ok, here's how to install the mods and get them running, plus a problem i've encountered on 3 attempts at getting this right with various setup steps switched around.

Install Freelancer.
Install Freelancer Mod Manager. (Google it, currently version 1.4)
Start Freelancer, do all the intros until you get the ship. Save, quit.
Open Mod Manager.
Activate "Fresh Start Beta".
Activate "Commonwealth mod"
Launch Freelancer, Undock from Manhatten, fly towards sun.
Find "Mine Ammo/Rocket Ammo" which is a JUMP HOLE. Jump through.
Appear in Solar system.

Note: The solar system, according to Freelancer Explorer should be called either:
Andromeda Ascendant OR tarn Vedra.

Unfortunately, it often appears as "Neural Cluster Disruptor Ammo".

There are then no Andromeda ships, weapons, parts for sale anywhere, and no jumpholes out of the system.

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Now at home, I have tried these steps and I have gotten the error "FLMM has detected that this mod will not properly activate.. blah blah blah" and it won't allow me to activate the CW mod at all... any suggestions? I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling FL and FLMM.

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In one of the pcitures in the solars window it says borg cube and borg interceptor. Whats up with that.

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CKYRules Creator

Its left over text in the DLL from when the mod was going down a diffrent corner. And because i have no idea how to string a .DLL, i cant go in and change the names for the planets. Or jump holes or etc.

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i dont know!
same prob with me

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Cane someone write how can I install this mod CORRECT? I try install this few time and still dont work :/ Who can help me?

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