A gameplay-oriented Amnesia custom story. You play as an ordinary man living in a humble house located at the far end of a village. One day, a loud knocking on your door wakes you up in the middle of the night...

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Valoress says

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This custom story contains some scares that personally caught me off guard, and some fun, interesting puzzles. Overall, I found it quite enjoyable as someone who can't handle high strung mods.

This is a nice, well-made custom story, definitely worth playing.


One of the most funny and well done custom story! It's a bit short but the puzzles are awesome! Good work I liked it a lot!


Liked it a lot!

one of the most creative puzzles and platforming parts in any amnesia mod i've played since the early days. the presence of optional collectables are also very much welcome. on the other side, the story is not great at all, nor the whole thing is scary. but the gameplay is more than enjoyable still. some of the hidden rewards you can get are way too hard and getting them was a frustrating experience instead of fun. on the top of all this, when i finally reached a very annoying and difficult easter egg, the game broke with a bug minutes later, where the screen did not fade out and the player remained inactive, being unable to progress. i was already so fed up with that level that i did not even bother to restart with the updated version because reloading a save didn't help it and i progressed way too much already. i might finish it one day.. however it will not affect the score much. i've seen enough that i can tell this is a great custom story, especially as a first one, the filesize is very small too! :) nice job, 8/10, thanks for the experience all in all :)


TroHea says

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Unique and fun. Just how I like it. =)
Just the ending was very weird...


Hollowinside says

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If you don't want to be spoiled about anything that the mod has to offer then simply click away!

A very well-made custom story. I definitely recommend this mod since I had lots of fun playing it and there's quite some new stuff to be seen. However, I think it's only fair to say it does have quite a big number of "frustration-overload" levels and a very weak, non-existent Storyline. This is what I have to say about the mod, in short;

POSITIVES: The first thing that impressed me here was the Level Design. It was amazing! I can only begin to imagine how much time you put into detailing those rooms and corridors to such perfection! In my opinion, this is the mod's trump card here.

Your Ambiance was also very creepy and always had me feeling uneasy and prepared for the worst. I am not saying it couldn't have been better, but it definitely shouldn't leave the player with something more to be desired.

One more thing that amazed me here was the amount of creativity in new things that this mod offers. It's always fun to explore such new ideas and even more so seeing them go live in mods. One such thing, as an example, was the opening cut scene.

NEGATIVES: The Storyline was a huge turnoff for me, and needless to say that what little we get to see from it was full of obvious plot holes. Also, even if this was or wasn't a dream, why was our protagonist forced into numbered doors as a "test subject"? This looked way too orchestrated to be considered a dream. But then again why would anyone send mindless Grunts to do the job (kidnapping) only to leave them wandering around, risking to be seen?

An other thing that ruins this mod's score for me (always keep in mind, this is just my opinion) was how frustrating it was to play during the 3rd Test Room. Yes, I get it that this sounds weird since I said a while ago that I like seeing new ideas being implemented, and I wasn't lying. I just think you did this in a wrong way, thus maybe ending up executing it badly. The room with the "3 Grunts Chase" was annoying for me since it took me a good damn while to realize what I had to do, and then I had to figure out how to get there as well.

One last thing that severely affects the mod's score is how much you overused poofer jumpscares. After a while they became predictable, and just not scary at all. For instance, when this Brute appeared in the Cellar of the 4th Test Room, I knew it was a poofer. It was obvious. So I literally just stood still, "let the virus complete it's circle", and then carried on with a "meh" face.

Despite my Negatives section overtaking the Positive one, this is still a great mod in my opinion and I would easily recommend it to everyone else. 9/10 for me.


HeRo-Snacky says

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New custom stores are always nice things to have- and now I found one again.

-Very nice scripting
-Mapping was also great

-The story was "gameplay-oriented" which meant very little story/no story at all.


SkyZen1001 says

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Loved the level design.
It was creative, scripting was on point, the puzzles...oh god, the puzzles were amazing!
Test 4 was a REAL challenge. Loved it.


- Creativity
- Great scripting
- Challenge


- Weak story

Level design: 9/10

Some areas felt a bit empty, but aside from that, the design is excellent in this mod. Close to professional quality.

Story: 3/10

This is the one thing that really wasn't good in this mod, at all. To begin with, the "You have been kidnapped" idea is so overused, that in order to make it good, it needs to be very unique. It wasn't. In fact, there barely is a story in this mod at all.

On top of having a underdeveloped story, the ending felt so anti-climatic. It was just a dream all along, but wait, the monsters are real and they are burning down your house!! You have to get out! *Gets out* *Credits rolls*... What?

The mod decides to break my immersion from time to time as well. Protaganist don't know where he is or what is going on, yet somehow he knew he needs to find a key in the previous test chamber to unlock the door, without any notes telling him this.

If you're going with the "I have no clue where I am" theme, stick to it all the way through.

Puzzles: 10/10

Very creative, never felt repetitive, and never felt too easy while also never feeling too difficult.

Creativity: 8/10

So many unique ideas in this mod. A mod can be creative to me, while still having a bad story or bad puzzles. Could be that you had very creative ideas, but you executed these ideas poorly. This is why I like to keep this as a category of its own. However, I can't deny the fact that the story is so cliché. Still, the amount of creativity shown here is still a solid 8.

Music & Atmosphere: 10/10

Music changes depending on different situations, monsters can actually hear you and investigate your position when using crowbars or other loud tools, and you actually creeped me out sometimes with new scares. Awesome!

Bugs & Flaws: 9/10

Besides from a brute getting stuck at one point (trying to break a closet door), and me getting stuck in a closet in the "mini" level with 3 grunts (they were blocking the closet doors from opening. Which was partly my fault) and a huge texture glitch, I had no issues playing this mod.


I had so much fun playing this mod, and you are so creative. I wouldn't mind giving it a 9, perhaps even a 10. But I can't deny the cliché storyline and immersion breaking moments, and the weird ending. Besides all this though, it is easily a 8/10, and definitely deserves a recommandation.

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