Tanks and Rogues is a serverside modification for Quake III Arena with heavy focus on teamplay. The core idea of Tanks and Rogues is that everything is a team effort. To kill an enemy tank, first your rogue has to disable the enemy's shield, then before it regenerate, your tank must hit the enemy tank with conventional weapons to actually kill him. This creates a new kind of teamplay, a tight teamplay seldom seen in FPS games, a teamplay that requires you to focus as much on your teammates as on your enemies. For extra spice, Tanks and Rogues includes cool features as the Power Taunt and the Team Grenade. The former is an awesome explosion activated by capturing a Power Taunt item and then using the Quake III Arena 'gesture'-feature simultaneously with and in proximity to your teammates. The Team Grenade is a very powerful grenade that will only detonate if hit by a rogue's weapon. It is perfect for clearing out a room of campers but again requires delicate teamplay.

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A major new release of the best teamplay experience in the world. In Tanks and Rogues you will see less waiting times, less random elements, a much more stable Power Taunt and a new ammo resupply feature . Read on for the full story!

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A new version of Tanks and Rogues has been released so that anyone can run their own servers of it. This new version brings new features, tweaks and bug fixes from the last one. Playtest Playtest Playtest

Tanks and Rogues is an novel form of intense teamplay where no task can be completed alone. The mod is implemented completely serverside so there is no download required to play it, just join a server with your regular Quake III Arena client. There's also awesome explosions triggered by team efforts.

In the new version there are no longer spawn waves. We felt the mechanic was too random and that wait times could become very long and frustrating. Now you will always be able to respawn a set time after your death. For tanks, this is 6 seconds, for rogues it's 3 seconds. The longer down time for tanks is to further reward teams for killing enemy tanks. Playtest Playtest Playtest

The other major change is that tanks no longer spawn at full killing power. They still have the Plasma Gun and infinite ammo for it but they no longer spawn with any rockets or Team Grenades. These more powerful ammunitions you have to get from your friend rogues, just like rogues have to go to their friend tanks to regenerate health. When you as a tank stand close to a friend rogue she will regenerate your rockets, 1 per second. You will hear a nice ammo click every time you get a rocket so that you know when you're in ammo range. Team Grenades are supplied in the same manner but with just 1 grenade each 15 seconds and a different more alarm-like sound accompanying it. You don't have to stay in range for the full 15 seconds. Even if you have been away from your rogue a long time, as long as 15 seconds have passed since your spawn or your last Team Grenade resupply you will get a new one as soon as you get in range.

Many strange bugs about the Power Taunt have been fixed and lot's of stuff have been tweaked. This is the best Tanks and Rogues yet and just like the versions before it, it is really really good.

To run your own server or to play locally against bots: download Tanks and Rogues now.
To play it online, bring a couple of friends and join the official server at lockecole.ath.cx:27960
If your friends are a lazy bunch that won't try out new things with you, you can play with us and all the other TnR fans on Sundays 1900 GMT at the official server. I hope to see you there! Playtest Playtest Playtest

Here's the full changelog:
new features:

  • Tanks no longer spawn with rockets or Team Grenades. They have to regenerate these ammunition through standing close to friend rogues. Tanks get one rocket per second and one Team Grenade per 15 seconds in this manner. Plasma Gun and Railgun still spawn with infinite ammo.
  • Players spawn individually, 6 and 3 seconds after death if your a tank or a rogue respectively.

new tweaks:

  • The plasmagun was nerfed just slightly to boost the rockets relatively.
  • Rogues get 20 health points per half second when close to tanks.

bugs fixed:

  • Power Taunt no longer damages yourself a little.
  • Now both c1 and c2 are set to the team colour in order to give more consistent rail colours.
  • Respawn times in warmup are short again.
  • Movement code can no longer interfere with Power Taunts.
  • Power Taunt will now damage enemies again.
bugs fixed:

  • If g_doWarmup was set to 0 postwarmup restart would happen again and again and again forever.
new tweaks:

  • Instead of "POWERTAUNT NOW!" the T-icon is displayed. This is supposed to bring the latency down.
  • When the T-icon is displayed a sound is played.
  • Team Grenades no longer disable your teammates' shields.

bugs fixed:

  • Railing a shield less tank resets the time until his shield returns again.
  • Power Taunt can no longer be lost if activated in the very last milliseconds of the taunt window.
  • Important Power Taunt messages are now visible even when viewing scoreboard (which you are forced to view when killed).
  • Power Taunt can no longer kill your own team.
  • In order to avoid touching of the personal teleporter, the Power Taunt T doesn't spawn if your standing too close to it.
  • Tanks are no longer impervious to non-client attacker damage.
  • The global hints are updated with information on the new Power Taunt cue.
new features:

  • Help text shows up when your teammate tries to start a Power Taunt with you. Bots joins Power Taunts now.

new tweak:

  • Rogues gains more score for helping a tank kill tanks.

bugs fixed:

  • Warmup doesn't end prematurely anymore in TDM.
  • Class choosing text will now show even if you're dead watching the scoreboard.
  • Rogues can no longer get assist scores by being the last rogue attacker of friendly tanks before they die.
  • Falling damage is decreased during warmup.
  • Wave respawns are not active in warmup mode anymore.
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