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The Taidan Republic Mod strives to implement three old races back into homeworld2; Taidan Republic, Taidan Empire, Turanic Raiders. The Taidan Empire of the year 9510 GSY consisted of 150 star systems. These systems were completely under the control of the empire, although they were not all loyal to the Emperor. When Emperor Riesstiu IV was in his 4th century of life, many systems were waiting for a change to claim independence. This was not a surprising fact, since the Empire faced economical difficulties and relations with other galactic civilizations were almost non-existing. Taxes were heightened to support the growing Imperial Navy, which was increased because of Emperor Riesstiu IV’s paranoia. Under these circumstances the opposition against the Emperor grew. The breaching point was reached when the Emperor disbanded the Taidan Assembly of Lords, which began to question the wisdom of the Emperors wishes. Soon it became apparent that the Empire was at the brink of collapse. Under...


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