Great news! I have advanced the mod greatly since the last update, even though I have not been able to provide videos or screenshots. There are only a few minor things that I have to fix before the first release, and I also have to ask some people for perimission on the use of their content in my mod. I am really happy on how it is looking, even though there are some odd things that cannot be fixed as of now. I have to mention that recently I have to temporarily stop working on it since I have run into a serious family issue. I don't know how much it will take before I can continue the work, but I wanted to let you know that I am trying as hard as I can. When my personal issue is dealt with, I will be able to work on the mod much more since I now have vacations, but the computer available to me has only limited uses, so I will do what I can.

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You did a great work with the stance movers. It simulates the soldiers movement with the weapon really nicelly.

I have got one hint for you - since you increased the damage and radius for mortar strikes you should test the pipeline (map=trainyard) and brigadebox (map=breakout) levels. These levels contain the mortar strikes and if you setup them too deadly they will usually kill the player at the start of level without any chance of defense against it.

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MrSalazar2005 Author

Thanks for the feedback!
And for the mortar damage. I saw in the mortar scripts that these maps use a different style of mortars. The breakout level works efficiently since it uses a different mortar style and the trainyard level uses the mortar team script. But I checked anyways and I saw that there were no problems. Thanks for the hint!

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for me animation with mowing weapon is kinda stiff,so her my question,you made this animations yourself or convert from other game?

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MrSalazar2005 Author

There are no animations. I could only change scripts (game code) to make the weapon move like that. So that's why it looks kind of awkward, but it's the best I can do with the code for the moment. Although I can try to find a way to make it move more fluently.
(I don't know how to work on animations) Especially the "Lower weapon" animation (Shown at 2:30)when I get out of the trench. The weapon seems to disappear and appear, I will need to try and fix that.

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I chose to place intense artillery in the D-Day level instead of just small mortar explosions, I replaced the effect with a much bigger, impressive one and I also made the damage radius bigger and more lethal.I will use Bandicam for my recordings now because the quality is amazing and the recording limit is 10 minutes. The mp40 is made by MCh2207Cz.

I fixed the bug at 3:13 where the artillery cloud suddenly disappears depending where you look. It had something to do with too much particle effects at once, I decreased the time it takes for the brown cloud to slowly vanish, so that more effects can play with no inconveniences.

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