Great news! I have advanced the mod greatly since the last update, even though I have not been able to provide videos or screenshots. There are only a few minor things that I have to fix before the first release, and I also have to ask some people for perimission on the use of their content in my mod. I am really happy on how it is looking, even though there are some odd things that cannot be fixed as of now. I have to mention that recently I have to temporarily stop working on it since I have run into a serious family issue. I don't know how much it will take before I can continue the work, but I wanted to let you know that I am trying as hard as I can. When my personal issue is dealt with, I will be able to work on the mod much more since I now have vacations, but the computer available to me has only limited uses, so I will do what I can.

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LOL at 00:04 the guy with the MG :DDDDDDDDD

I think it's the only working death. So there is not any opportunity, to done it, on other way.

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MrSalazar2005 Author

Hahahahaha! The guy carrying the MG does look extremely hilarious. I am planning to learn animation just to fix that.

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It's not the problem of anim but it's the problem of a model. So far not a single modeller (me as well) haven't found a way how to correctly make a _carry turret model.

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MrSalazar2005 Author

Well at least that guy appears in only a few levels!

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Warning: Spoilers!

I got the idea of Braeburn's death in Hill 400 from the sound file I found in the voiceovers, you can listen to the file here .
I think that vaporization is one of the most horrible ways to die in a war, I want to know if you guys think you would like me to make Braeburn die this way.

Originally, I wanted to have Braeburn die during the artillery barrage in the beginning of the Hill 400 Defend battle. I made it so that he would die because of a rock that hit him due to the explosions (You can see the video here: ). But I encountered a bug. Sometimes, Braeburn would not die, and it looked completely hilarious when soldiers where shouting "Braeburn's down!" and dramatic music was playing. When you could clearly see that Braeburn was just running around alive.

In the vaporization version of his death, Braeburn is deleted during the explosion and that obviously prevents him from running around alive since he is completely gone, there is no body. There's just a helmet, a gun, and a part of his radio left. This is a very sad way of ending a important character's life, the way the vaporization looks is horrifying and very shocking.

I wanted to know if you guys wanted me to keep this type of death or you could suggest any other type of death you want.

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