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How to destroy a SSD, new land and space skirmish maps, and changes to torpedoes, missiles, and squadron formations.

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How to destroy a Super Star Destroyer
If you end up encountering one of the Empire's Super Star Destroyers, you won't really need a large fleet to destroy it, just ships that specialized in destroying one.

If you play as the Rebellion and come face to face or ship to ship with a SSD, you'll best bet will be to have these ships. At least 2-3 MC80 Home One-classes, including Home One itself. After a few tests, I've discovered the Home One-classes are very powerful and hard to destroy, you'll need a ISD 1 or stronger to eliminate it. That's makes it the best choice to use against an Executor SSD. Next add in some MC30-class Frigates. These are equipped with 4 proton torpedoes, and are the perfect anti-capital ships. In fact they are one of the few Rebel ships that have torpedoes that can bypass shields.(Read "Torpedoes and Missiles" below to find out more) Finally throw in some MC80 Liberty-classes, Trireme Corvettes, because of their point-defense abilities, and some Mercy Frigates to use their repair ability to help keep your fleet intact.

Playing as the Droid Empire, you'll have less to worry about, since they have the IG-4000 and the Lucrehulks. But the IG-4000 can't be everywhere at once, and the Lucrehulks cost 7000 credits. So try using the cheaper Krayt-classes and the Dreadnought Cruisers. Also remember that the IG-2000 has the Hack Systems ability, which can mess with the ship's shield recharge, weapons, and shut down abilities, which is useful against the Eclipse. All the IG-88s have a IG-2000, except for IG-88A, because he has the IG-4000 SSD. That means three ships with a Hack Systems ability. The Rebellion's bounty hunter heroes, Zuckuss and 4-LOM, will have this ability, which will be used by their ship, the Mist Hunter.

Torpedoes and Missiles
If I haven't said this yet, torpedoes and missiles can no longer bypass shields. But I made a special exception for some ships. Each faction has a few ships with torpedoes that can bypass shields, the Acclamator-II for the Empire and the MC30 for the Rebels. They're used as Anti-capital ships. Currently the droids don't have one like this. Also, some of the larger ships like the Executor have torpedoes that can bypass shields.

How powerful a Imperial II-class SD is compared to a Executor.
Each ISD2's Octuple Turbolaser projectile does 100 damage and fires 3 shots before it reloads, that's 300 damage. All 8 Octuple Turbolasers combine does 2400 damage.An Executor SSD's Turbolaser projectile does 300 damage and fires 8 shots before it reloads, that's 2400 damage. A single turbolaser battery on a Executor SSD is worth all 8 Octuple Turbolasers of a ISD2. You would need at least 28 to 34 ISD2s to equal one Executor SSD. Okay so maybe that isn't how it is in canon, but it's close enough. Hope no one got a headache from all that math!

New Droids Units
I've limited the B1 Droids, they can only be recruited from Geonosis, Hypori, Muunilinst, and the Droid Empire Homeworld. In their place, I've added the HK-100 Battledroids. I'm also adding a Fanon Droid unit that I created, the IG-250 Assault Tank.

Starfighters and Bombers
Almost all starfighter squadrons now come with twelve fighters per squadron, and most bomber squadrons have six bombers per squadron. More powerful bombers are limited to four to three per squadron. I also tried to give most their correct secondary weapons, like proton torpedoes for X-wings or concussion missiles for Z-95s and A-wings.
Foray and Hammerhead

Planets without Shipyards

They are some planets in the game where you can't build frigate or capital shipyards, you'll only be able to build starfighters and bombers. Although you will be able to build old outdated ships. They include Hammmerhead Cruisers, Foray Corvettes, and Dreadnaught Heavy Cruisers. They are buildable only by the Empire and the Rebels.

New Skirmish Maps

I plan on adding a few new skirmish maps. Most of these new skirmish maps will be 3 player maps and will be very big. Also some of the new space maps will be a new type of map that I call a system map, which will contain all or half of the planets in the Star System. One example is the "Five Brothers", which is the five planets in the Corellia system. The distance between these planets won't really be to scale, but I will make them look as accurate as possible.

Here's a few of the new skirmish maps I'm adding:

*********NEW SPACE SKIRMISH MAPS***********

--- 3 Player Map, Very large skirmish map that contains the five planets of the Corellia system, Corellia, Drall, Talus Tralus, and Selonia, plus Corellia's moon Gus Talon.
You'll find out soon enough!

WARRIORS AND HUNTERS --- 2 Player map, medium sized map, takes place in the Kashyyyk system, one starbase orbits Kashyyyk and the other orbits Trandosha. Planets include Kashyyyk, Alaris, Alaris Prime, and Trandosha.

--- 3 Player Map, with a big asteroid field in the middle, with shipwrecks scattered through out it. Conatains no planets.

*********NEW LAND SKIRMISH MAPS***********

--- Almost identical to the original Mandalorian Madness skirmish map, but with three players.

--- 3 player land skirmish map on the planet Muunilinst. Has ALOT of resource pads.

--- 2 Player land skirmish map on the planet Dac/Mon Calamari.

Still having other problems like remembering what stuff I haven't finished yet. I think for the first version I'm only going to include 3 GC maps, "Super Star Wars", "Battle for the Core", and "War in the Outer Rim". The others like "Droid Uprising" and "The Galactic Civil War" need extra work done. The GC map "The Galactic Civil War" is going to be Empire vs Rebels. I plan on adding Grand Moff Tarkin, Admiral Motti, General Tagge, and Colonel Yularen for this GC.


The waiting is killing me..... this looks so fun!!!

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This is a wonderful read, thank you!

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This mod but looks GREAT! =)) I wanted executor big as really he is, and you made it as I always dream =)

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