The pak takes up the story after Gordon Freeman refuses the gman's offer. The rest should be explained to you as you go along. ~Jim Silva, you can contact him via the readme.

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Weperlol says

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A good mod with decent length and a good story.

The level design was good and it can be pretty challenging, especially with the boss fight at the end.


Qwertyus says

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Great mod! A bit weird, but very fun and original.



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When Modding for Half-Life began, Many made new folders for Half-Life mods but a few out there like Dav Train and Sub-Humanity were made as a Pak file and this made it a little hard to play then most..But this is a mod worth keeping.

As with many contiunation mods, This one puts you in the skin of Freeman after he rejects the Gman's offer. The mod acts almost like Deliverance and Rescue 9-1-Freeman but it can get annoying due to the amount of ambushes.

You have all the classic Half-Life weapons along with a powerful new shotgun for those time when you need to explode an enemy onto a nearby surface...Or on the floor.


TigerHeart says

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It's extremely hard to play!

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