Stronghold Europe is an international Stronghold Crusader mod with a long story. The mod was started in 2009 and has been continued by many modders for whole 8 years. The main goal of this mod is to achieve the original Stronghold european atmosphere with all features from Stronghold Crusader. You may install Stronghold Europe without overwriting any Stronghold Crusader files, so your Stronghold Crusader game will stay intact!

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Consistently fun and challenging campaign maps and crusader trail. A lot of hours of fun.

Well this is what i wished for a long time playing in the European setting from Stronghold HD but with AI :) pls give an option too disable Army Limit :D like in extreme would be nice. Because my friends and i mostly play with massive armys :)


One of the best mods for the great game!

Best Stronghold Crusader Mod ever. :-D

While at the moment still lacking a few things in the visual/techtree department, the potential of this mod is infinite. Instead of bringing custom skirmishes to vanilla Stronghold, they brought the medieval setting to Crusader, and in that they've almost perfectly succeeded.


The best stronghold mod ever made. It adds back the stronghold 1 atmosphere into stronghold crusader and keeping all the crusader functions intact.

Awesomely done mate!


What the developers of firefly fail to do, this mod did it!

The best mod for stronghold crusader!

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