AT 30,000 FEET... you are almost 6 miles (9.7 km's) above sea level. The human body is not made for these conditions. Temperatures can plummet to -60F (-51C), the brain is starved for oxygen and each step is a new experience in pure agony. It's difficult to breathe. It's difficult to think. It's difficult to move. And you still have to endure another 444 feet (0.14 km's) to get to the peak. So much for the good news. STORYLINE: SURVIVE the SUMMIT ...The rebels are losing the battle against the strider onslaught that keeps growing. To help turn the tide of war you need to destroy the source of the Striders. That source is at the summit of what the rebels call, StriderMountain. There is only one way to get into the mountain geography and it's extremely dangerous terrain. The danger proves to be too much and you are forced way off target. Now, you must fight your way through the Combine Mountain Base Camp because it's the only entry to the mountain...

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It's slow and there are no clues to where the you have to go. Doors don't look like doors at times so you're just stuck trying to find the door while it looks like a ******* wall. And the sounds suck. Also it's trial and error a lot of the times and in the end it doesn't amuse me.

The mapping is supposed to lead whereas in SM its just the map and you can go everywhere and you need to be in one little place. Making it look like a jungle and you need to find that one square meter in that jungle.

The sniper rifle also makes no sense. At all. It shoots crossbow bolts and it still has that sound! Also it's left handed while all the other weapons are right handed! On the topic of the weapons, I think you guys just took some cs reskins and pasted them in the folder because some weapons have different sounds and others don't.

Event handling is also average in this game. In the propaganda mission I heard a citizen yelling at me (apparently) while I was recharging my suit. I had no idea where he was and then I heard an explosion. Apparently something happened and a lot of combines were spawning. That trigger was in the wrong place. What could've been a nice panic event became a fail by wrong trigger placement.

The music was nice but that's the only thing. Also it never stops. Music is supposed to add up to the atmosphere like Valve did in HL2. Whereas in SM it's just a playlist playing all the time.

The gameplay is also very repetitive. Run in room kill all combines before you can move on and then you go in other room kill all of the combines again before you can move on.
In the beginning it was a nice little thinking game with the turrets when you only had your hook. That was nice but then it became all repetitive combat.

This mod is FAR from completed and the way I see it, this mod is in alpha status. 4/10


ethics says

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Time has passed since I played this.
But it was amazing. I have never seen such beautifully crafted Mountainsides in Half Life 2.

One major flaw was the lack of different enemies. Some Zombies should have been in there as well. Kinda like in Get A Life.


For length, this is probably the longest mod ever.
However, I find some flaws.
Some of the levels are too hard to figure out what to do.
The visual cue comes in, but the level itself is disoriented, making player hard to figure out what to do.
Also, enemies are just outrageous. I'm comlaining about difficulty here.
Player is too often exposed by combine soldiers. On top of that, these combines attack from most unusual angles. For several times, I had to stay in enemy fire to figure out where they shooting from! Also, lighting of the map makes it hard to identify combine soldiers from walls, environments, etc... Talking about maps...The textures could use some help. There are lots of fun gimmicks and interactions though.
It would be nice if the game was more polished.
Still, incredible amount of work.

Fights often have no pacing, with masses of combine rushing you all at once. In between these massive fights there is a lot of running around desperately searching for triggers. There is no particular indication of how to proceed, and often confusing routes that overlap and meander seemingly randomly are confounding. The best thing that can be said for it is the length and a few clever maps.


b_mcg says

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This mod is tedious, uninteresting and repetitive. The weapon models are stolen from various authors on FPSBanana (now Gamebanana), while some of the other textures were taken directly from Doom 3. This mod is painful to play through, and it seems to never freaking end.

In short, this mod sucks ****.


Played this mod as a kid, love it as an adult.

Overall I really enjoyed the mod. It was fun, plus nice & long. The old TR games being some of my fav old games, I loved the Core Tomb Raider-ish cutscenes when you pulled some of the switches,LOL I Very much recommend it.

The no wheel fix worked great.

There were a few negatives for me. I played it on easy as I do the first time I play any game, mod or retail to enjoy the story if there is one, learn my way around without too much effort. Still there were places I ended up turning on God mod in a few places because there were so many enemies at one time. The only other thing is occasionally, but not often, lacking the subliminal signposts, I had no clue whatsoever the way to go and I like to explore. I ended up having to look up a walkthrough on those.

This mod should have been called Half-Life 2: Combine Mountain, because you end up fighting mostly craploads of combine throughout. Obviously, I'm kidding and I know why it's called Strider Mountain. So, I see a lot of similarities to Episode 3 – The Closure, except this mod is better. Most of the weapons are reskinned, but otherwise have no change to functionality. In fact, the crossbow is basically a sniper rifle with very slow bullets. The mod is very generous with ammo and the combat is well-balanced. Some of the enemies are reskinned, but are also otherwise unchanged. Despite what I said earlier, you do fight some zombies and headcrabs, just not very many. There are a number of striders that offer good challenging combat. As expected, things get significantly more difficult as the end nears. Puzzle-wise, the mod is limited. While puzzles do exist, they don't make a lot of sense in some cases. Aside from that, they're pretty straightforward. There are also occasions where you drive a car with a tau cannon, which is also a good addition. There are a lot of unnecessary cinematics where you have to watch Freeman walk down a hallway or look at a screen. The most annoying ones were when the combine would come out and start shooting and you can't do a d@mn thing because you're stuck watching an unnecessary cinematic. By the time you get control of your character…yeah. Stop doing that, guys. There is a "bonus" level at the end. When I say "bonus" I really mean "final" level, because it's a huge part of the story. Throughout each map, you're supposed to find "easter eggs" (secret areas) to download portal data. If you miss one, you get a crap ending and no final/bonus level. One huge plus to this, however, is that the secret areas do not consist of poorly written comic strips by a guy I've never heard of. Also, the mod prompts you to go back if you miss one and warns you of a map change. That was a breath of fresh air. I still managed to miss one (level 9) somehow, but I consoled myself into the final map because I sure as Sherlock ain't gonna go through all that again. In the end, this mod is worth a try.


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